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My Oliso Smart Iron

Hi Darlings, I get SO MANY questions about my Oliso Smart Iron that I thought I would share the review video I did and also some of my current thoughts on the Oliso Smart Iron more than a year later. Sewing and ironing go hand in hand and you cant do one without the other so why not make the ironing process, which most of us don’t enjoy anyway, more enjoyable.

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I got the Oliso 1600 Iron in May 2013 and since then I have only used my Oliso. In the video below I shared my initial thoughts (in May 2013) on the Smart Iron and a year later I love it just as much.  Here are some of my favorite things..

  1. The steam on this iron is fantastic, it’s powerful steam is continuous and provides horizontal or vertical blasts!

  2. The iTouch feature is still my favorite feature. It lifts with the touch of my hand and lowers when I stop ironing (this feature can be turned off) The one thing I will say is that it has ruined me for any other iron, and when I travel and go to use the hotel iron I forget that it doesn’t auto lift when my hand comes off, lol!

  3. It’s lightweight, which is great on my already overworked wrists.

  4. It stays hot for over 20 minutes before shutting off, which is AMAZING when you are sewing, because you don’t have to wait in-between seams for your iron to heat up again.

  5. It has a 2″ detailer tip with which makes getting into corners super easy.

  6. Most important for me is that the iron does NOT leak on me! every iron I have owned at one point or another has started to leak or drip water while ironing. It’s been over a year now and it has yet to leak on me.

I have had so many irons and have even used the gravity feed irons and although I have to fill this one up with water often I still prefer this iron. Check out the video I did last year below and click HERE to order yours.



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