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I just made another pair of shoes that I simply love and as I was finishing up I was thinking of why I love making my own shoes. As someone who is passionate about fashion and style, I have always loved finding unique pieces to add to my wardrobe. However, in recent years, I have discovered a new love for making my own shoes.

There is something incredibly satisfying about creating a pair of shoes from scratch. From selecting the right materials to assembling the pieces, every step of the process requires careful attention to detail and a deep appreciation for the craft.

One of my favorite parts of making my own shoes is the ability to customize them to my exact specifications. Whether I'm adding a pop of color or experimenting with different textures and patterns, I have complete control over the final product.

But the joy of shoemaking isn't just in the finished product. It's also in the journey of learning new techniques and honing my skills. I love the challenge of taking on a new design or figuring out how to solve a problem in the construction process.

Making my own shoes has become a real passion of mine. From the creative freedom to the sense of accomplishment and the custom aspect, it's an incredibly fulfilling craft. If you're looking for a new hobby to try, I highly recommend giving shoemaking a shot. I plan to add some more courses to Sew It Academy soon but for now, you can purchase heel components from my SHOP.

Here are a few pics of the process and of course my finished shoes!

Thank you for reading! xx

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10 abr 2023

I am actually taking the shoe class from Amanda. It is a little overwhelming, but I will get there. The hardest thing for me is finding the right leather. I don't think I am explaining my question correctly. What leather did you use for your shoes, Mimi? I want to make a pair of mules for my first pair, but not sure of the leather materials I should get. I did find a wonderful suede at Tandy, but they were clueless about leather for shoes. :)

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Melody Jacobs
Melody Jacobs
06 abr 2023

I like the idea of making your own shoe, you choose the material you like and style. Its to your own taste.

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