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The Amazing Golden Tote

Hi Darlings, I am excited about today’s post because when something is UBER cool I get excited to share it with you. So…I learned about Golden Tote a few months back and when given the chance to work with them I immediately said yes because I knew it would be something you guys would love. Now you know I love to shop, and honestly I could do it everyday if you let me… but I know a lot of women who either dislike shopping, get frustrated, don’t have time or just don’t really know what to get to stay on trend and be stylish…If you are any one of these women then keep reading!

Golden Tote takes the thinking out of shopping… it’s like a great surprise you get every month, LOL! This is how it works…


Every first Monday of every month at 9AM PST a new tote goes up! The $49 tote is a small one filled with 2-3 pieces of clothing and the $149 tote is a large one filled with 5-6 pieces of clothing (which is what I got). You pick one or two items that you must have and the Golden Tote Stylists surprise you with the rest. After you pick your must have items you fill out a style profile that helps the team decide what awesome pieces to send you based on your likes, dislikes, fit preference etc.

Easy right? Yeah I thought so too. My tote arrived quickly and the “surprise” items were spot on. I mentioned in my style profile that I wanted causal everyday wear with a slouchy feel and comfy….Here is what my tote bag contained.


and here are my looks…


This maxi was my first must have pick!


I LOVE this top, it’s super cute and has a great eyelet binding which adds to its charm.


I can tell you right now that this knee length tee is going to be in serious rotation!


I really liked this top! I am sucker for stripes so that was an instant win.


This dope denim vest was my second must have pick…I wore it over my tassel top.

Golden Tote is like the ultimate surprise grab bag! I love surprises. The founders are designers from LA who work with  brands to get awesome discounts and they also design some of the cool pieces too. Make sure you don’t miss out on April’s Tote…It’s is already scheduled in my calendar, LOL!

THIS MONTHS tote is still available so GO CHECK IT OUT before inventory sells out!




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