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Ripped In 30! Day 1

Hi Darlings, I am having trouble typing because I am feeling queasy, LOL! Okay so over the last year the blog has exploded and therefore so has my bum. It has been HARD this year to keep up with my workouts, and the hell with eating well. Let’s face it, I am human and no matter how conscience I am of my health I get caught up with business,s traveling and family and before I know it I am stuffing cheeseburgers and fries down my throat and moving on to the next to-do.

I was perfectly happy going along ignoring the fact that my jeans don’t fit, LOL!!! and just telling myself that I will start next week, next week, next week…and now here we are almost at years end and I haven’t done a thing. Then to top it all off I was reminded that I have a photo shoot in December where I need to be in a SWIMSUIT O_0

I figured what better way to stay accountable than to blog about it every day even if it’s a short post where I share what I ate and how I felt. If you want to join me you can DOWNLOAD Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30 (digital edition) and start watching right away or you can get a HARD COPY DVD both are under $10 and comes with a FREE 30 day meal plan (link given in the video) It’s always more fun to do this with someone else, so find a friend and join me. Under $10 with every single day spelled out leaves no room for error.


MAN!!! I have not been working out so day one of any workout sucks so I executed as much. I did not expect to be so worn out after the 24 min video.. yeah did I mention it’s only 24 minutes! It was rough and even had to stop for a few seconds to catch my breath. I am seriously out of shape and because I have knee injuries I feel it first there. I am always pain free when I am in better shape and have strengthened my leg muscles. The moves are not complicated and there is a modification for each move so you can keep up. It goes by pretty fast but I promise by the time she says you are done you’ll be lucky if you are still standing, LOL

I will say that I like that I don’t need to listen in order to the moves (if you know basic form anyway) and I can just blast my music while I zone out and pray through each set. So, I am looking forward to tomorrow and really looking forward to day 31! SEE YOU TOMORROW

WHAT I ATE (chosen from her 30 day meal plan)

Breakfast: 1 Cup of  Cheerios with a Banana / Coffee / 8 ounces of Lemon Water

Snack: Protein Shake: 1 Scoop Whey Protein, Ice Water, 3 Strawberries (blended)

Lunch: 6″ Whole Grain Pita, 1/4 Cup Hummus (spread) Red Onion, Spinach Sandwich

Snack: Protein Shake: Water/Protein Powder (after workout)

Dinner: 3 Ounces Pork Loin w/ Salad and 1 Tablespoon of Balsamic Vingar Dressing


This is the protein powder I like best, I have used several over the years but this one has everything I need when it comes to nutrition, and it taste like cake batter, LOL!


I plan on not eating after 7pm and am trying to go to bed a decent time to allow my body to recuperate and rest. If I get hungry at night I drink water w/ lemon. So first day was a success and the eating is the hardest and most important part of transforming your body so #inailedit




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