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Happy New Year! I can't believe how fast 2022 went by. I feel like I spent most of last year traveling for business so I truly enjoyed taking the last two weeks of December to just chill and enjoy our home and family. This year however my goal is to spend a bit mre time at home and bring new ideas to the blog and my soical channels.

I thought it would be great to start the year off by sharing my morning routine and why it is so important! Having a rotuine really helps me to stay focued and manage all the aspects of my buisnesses. It's not always easy to do but that is when I rely on my discipline. I have a podcast episode on motivation vs' discipline which was a big hit, you can catch that episode HERE

Below is a video where I cover what my morning looks like, my thoughts on why you should have one too! I also linked a few things below that I love, like my ater bottle. I try to drink a total of 160 ounces of water a day (4 of these bottles) it keeps my skin looking amazing and it helps with cravings for snacks.

If you enjoy the video and want me to share more tips on what I use for scheduling, apps I use to create content etc. Let me know in the comments.


I also wanted to share a few of my favorite affirmation apps for guided meditations:

  1. Affirm It: HERE

  2. I Am: HERE

  3. Motivation Daily Quotes: HERE

  4. Mantra: HERE




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