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Quilted Leather Mini + Yellow Tweed Blazer + WW Update

Hi Darlings!

So WW (work it Wednesdays) has been a bit lagging due to so many changes and the holidays and so and and so an (insert more excuses here) lol but I do have an update…I DID finally start T25 and I love it! I could not handle the 45 intense work out with Insanity due to my bad knee so I had to stop doing it. With T25 I can actually get through the 25 minutes without my knee giving me a problem. It is intense and at the end of day 1 I thought I was going to pass out LOL but I got through it! and there is a modified version being done along with Shaun T so if you are not ready to do full speed you can follow along with the modified version.

Ill update you guys again next Wednesday and will share any changes I see. I also wanted tot mention that there is a meal plan that comes with the program but I never follow them. I just stick to a cleaner diet which I talk about in detail HERE and focus more on stain hydrated so I am currently drinking a gallon of water a day…that seems like a lot but I have a 24oz. bottle that I bought at Target and I just drink 5.5 of those a day and before I know it I have downed a gallon of water 😉

The bare minimum of water you should be consuming on a REGULAR day is 8-10 glasses of water a day (64-80oz.) but when working out for weight loss you should double that, the main key to loosing weight is WATER. If you did not work out, ate pretty close to an all clean diet and drank a gallon of water a day you would loose weight just as fast as someone eating not so clean, working out 5 days a week and drinking the minimum amour of water required for your body to stay hydrated.

Remember that as part of the new videos for youtube where I will be answering your fashion questions I will also answer any fitness, workout, food questions you have. Just leave your questions in the comment section for me and I will pick a few for next weeks video.

Okay….Let’s talk OOTD

William B + Friends Quilted Leather Mini (call the store for availability (661) 222-2211) Option HERE / Zara Jacket (old) / Gap White Tank / Zera’s Treasures Necklace (gifted) HERE (it’s gorgeous)

Jessica Simpson Heels (old)

Zera’s Treasures Necklace (gifted) HERE



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