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One Denim Skirt Four Awesome Everyday Looks!

Hi Darlings, I have ben doing some cool stuff with EBAY lately and one of them is creating a series of useful articles based around things I love and care to talk about. My most recent one was about the denim skirt and how easy it is to work it into any look. I thought I would share that one on the bog today so I hope you enjoy and that you may be inspire to try one of these looks. To check out some of my other guides about books I love, Tips on Travel and more click THIS link.


The Denim Skirt: I love a great denim skirt because they work exactly the way jeans do…they can be worn with anything. One of the things I do before transitioning to fall is making sure I have a denim skirt in my wardrobe. The length of the skirt really depends on your comfort level and these four looks I put together will work with any length…Pencil knee length,  mini and the maxi or ankle length. Denim Skirt / Short Patch Pocket Skirt / Maxi Length Skirt.


The Sneaker & Sweatshirt: I can live in sneakers and I love to pair my fashion sneakers with dresses and skirts. It’s like the perfect combination of comfort, sporty and sexy. A great sweatshirt and cool sneakers is a must do! Pair it with a cute clutch. New Balance Sneakers / Sweatshirt  / Denim Skirt

denim and denim

Denim on Denim on Denim: I always find it funny when people are afraid to wear denim on denim. It is so chic and if done right is always a go to look. In this look you could wear it with sneakers, heels, boots or flats but I decided to give you a dressier take on the denim on denim look. The shoes are amazing but the real key to pulling of a denim on denim on denim look is to make sure the denims are all different washes. You can add a t-shirt underneath the button up and create a cool layered look. Tom Ford Heels / Similar Denim Shirt / Denim Jacket / Denim Skirt


The Girly Denim Look: Still working with a sneaker this look is more feminine, less sporty and the perfect weekend look. The t-shirt is key to your look ad should be graphically interesting. The drapes cardigan adds a soft touch and the skirt with converse keeps the look chic and comfy. Add interest with a bold bag and a leopard print belt. Denim Skirt / T-shirt / Converse / Leopard Belt / Sweater


The Classic Girl: One of my all time favorite looks is the crips white button up with denim. It adds such a sense of classic style that is always easy to dress up or down. I love adding hard and soft or classic and not so classic so adding the army green jacket and bag to this look makes it much more interesting than your usual black bag and blazer. Keep the shoe sexy and you can go from day to night in this look. Denim Skirt  / White Button Up / Jacket / Giuseppe Heels / 

For a COLLECTION of some of my favorite skirt styles for all body types CLICK HERE! 



Laslo Keller
Laslo Keller

very interesting


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