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My New Favorite Socks! Bombas

Hi Darlings, It seems that lately I have been feeling a little sluggish to say the least. I think I have been traveling so much that my workout routine has been serious lacking. I always feel better when I am being active so when I got back this last trip I made it a priority to get myself back on track.


Because I am me….duh! That meant motivating myself with new workout gear because the cuter I look the better I feel. I started by making sure I was head to toe colorful because let’s be honest, color will always perk you up. I recently got a hold of some awesome socks by Bombas which also come in great colors and are most importantly, the most comfortable socks I have ever worn.


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Bombas are athletic-leisure socks that are designed to look amazing, feel amazing and perform better than your average sock. Because I don’t really enjoy the “GYM” I prefer to enjoy my workouts doing fun things like shooting hoops in my driveway….Man it’s a lot more exhausting than one might think, lol!


After doing a little research I was surprised to learn how little thought people put into their socks! They are so important to your feet, especially if you are active. Bombas have a tiny ankle cushion that sits directly where your shoe hits your ankle so it prevents rubbing and chaffing which is always an issue for me. They don’t ever move and there is no sliding (I hate that…when my ankle starts slipping inside my sneakers) not with Bombas…the Y-Stitched heel cups your heel.


Besides the comfort, technology and pure genius of Bombas what stands out to me the most is that for every sock purchase Bombas donates a pair to someone in need. Did you know that the most requested clothing item at homeless shelters are socks? That blew me away. Bombas has donated over 300,000 socks since their launching in Oct 2013.


Since I was looking fab and feeling good I decided to go to for a little run. The honeycomb support really helps my arch when I run…..and do cartwheels of course.


I have been trying to work on my form so I hit a few golf balls in the backyard….Looking good huh?


After I went on an on about these socks the kids were feeling a little left out so I remedied that and got them some Bombas too. They wore them all day long and loved them!


After too much silence.. I knew they were up to something and when I look outside guess who is outside playing their socks!!! Yes these two cuties. I will say that the Bombas held up to their grass running and jumping and hanging….he sometimes thinks he’s Spiderman.


After a long day of playing, running and golfing I took the rest of the day off. I lounged around the house in my non-sliding calf socks. I don’t think we can ever wear anything other than Bombas from this point on.


You know I couldn’t let you go without talking abut the most important thing to this here fashionista and seamstress…Bombas are made from long staple pima cotton! They stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer and now you can check these babies out too get 20% OFF your first order by clicking HERE and using code MIMIGSTYLE.

Look into the giving side of Bombas:




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