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Hi Darlings, Ever since I got the iPhone 6 plus I have been looking to buy cases. I normally have a Mophie pack on my phone because I am ALWAYS on it, and my battery dies by mid day. Since I have yet to get my new mophie for my iPhone6 Plus I thought I would make myself a pretty, sparkly case to hold me over. It was super easy to do and I got the idea while at Target looking at other cases (all of which were boring) and I saw this clear case, and thought “I can bling that out” so that is what I did.


Here’s what you need: Clear Case, Scrapbooking Adhesive Back Jewels (I used the clear and colorful ones from Michael’s), Glue, Tweezers, Mod Podge Clear Dimensional Sealer, brush (optional)


Put some glue on a piece of cardboard or plastic, get your tweezers for the small pieces and spread out your gems.


Because the gems are for scrapbooking they have an adhesive back which makes it easier to place them how you want before glueing them down for good. Once you have a pattern you like, remove one, dip the bottom in glue and place back on the clear case. The glue will not set immediately so just keep adding and shift them a bit as you place them to fill in holes with smaller gems.


Once you have glued them all down, let DRY and sit for several hours (I waited until the next day) Once it is dry you want to seal it even further so I placed a napkin and piece of saran wrap on the counter top and then using the Mod Podge I filled in the holes and covered all the gems generously.


NOTE: It did spill over onto the sides so I used my brush to brush the excess from the sides until it started to set. I removed the napkin (which picked up all the drips) and I let it sit and dry on the plastic wrap for about 4 hours. Then I covered it once more and let it dry again.


Once the Mod Podge dries it leaves an awesome high gloss. I left it sitting overnight before I snapped it onto my phone. Have fun!





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