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Mimi G Takes Brooklyn! Photos + Recap

Hi Darlings, I a so glad to be home! It was such a busy week in NYC, and I was beat. I had meetings all the way up until our car picked us to head to JFK, but I can’t complain one bit because it was an AMAZING trip! We had an amazing time during the Mimi G for Simplicity Pattern Signing; I had a great time at the Essence Street Style Awards, and then I had a few other meetings I can’t share just yet. I did meet with the Simplicity team to go over a few things for next season…ssshhhh.

I can’t express how amazing it feels to have such loyalty and support from you guys. It truly is a blessing, and I wish you could feel for just one second what I feel when I see your faces, hear your stories and feel your love when you hug me. I love you ALL, and I thank you so much! I have a lot more great things in store, and I am beyond honored to be able to share it with all of you.

I MUST thank my friends and team Kelly, Adrienne, Candice and my hubby Randy for always being there when I need them. I can’t imagine going on this journey without them. I love you all so much!

Here are some great pics from the signing and meet and greet! Patterns can be purchased HERE and HERE and accompanying videos can be viewed HERE


These women are so special to me. #mybesties


I love to see  how we come together in fellowship and in support of one another as women and human beings!



Look at all these gorgeous women!



I think Lawana is my biggest fan! She is adorable and had such a great spirit. Can you believe she crochet my logo for me!!! #bestgiftever


Dinner with the team and Simplicity! What a wonderful group of people.





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