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Menswear Look Inspired by Oxygen’s “The Face”

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Hi Darlings!

So, when I got an email asking if I was interested in working on a “Get The Look” post inspired by The Face, an Oxygen original, I was excited and immediately inspired by the looks featured in episode 206 which will be airing Wednesday 8/7c only on Oxygen! I have always been a huge fan of menswear inspired looks and seeing as I love a style challenge I knew I could pull this off with a little Mimi G flair.

If you are not familiar with the show let me school you. The Face gives us, the viewer, access inside the world of the fashion industry as the coaches, led by supermodel Naomi Campbell, guide the aspiring models through real life assignments, including photo shoots and commercials.

Now let me share why I love this show and clue you guys in on my closely guarded secret. I have no experience in the world of modeling but as a fashion blogger one of the key elements to my brand is the quality of the pictures I share and how well I am able to showcase what I’m wearing. As any good model knows, the purpose of that walk down the glamorous runway is to show off those designer duds and make them shine. Well, the same goes for fashion bloggers. If you saw pictures of me when I first started blogging, you would immediately see the difference. It wasn’t until I began to teach myself how to pose, walk, stand for the camera and work the angles to show off my clothes that I really blossomed.

It was because of The Face, magazines and supermodels like Naomi, that I was able to learn and soak in everything I saw. The show not only gives us a peek into the world of modeling, but it is a learning tool. A tool that should be taken full advantage of if you are in the business of fashion blogging, aspire to be a model, or just want to look better in your everyday selfies.

These are the two looks I gleaned inspiration from. I couldn’t wait to pull out my crisp white shirt and my husbands black tie so I could start piecing my looks together. Then I realized that my husband’s black tie was, what I call, “a fat tie”, and I needed a skinny, modern and fresh looking tie so I could look as chic as the women in the inspiration pics.

So, in full Mimi G style, I grabbed my scissors and turned that fat tie into a cool skinny tie. Then I made a little step by step video tutorial on how you can refashion your old man’s tie. (DIY video below)

Menswear inspired pants HERE  / Steve Madden Heels HERE / White Button Up HERE

Now, because I had so much fun doing this, I thought I would give you a second, more casual menswear look. By simply switching out my shoes and loosening my tie, I was able to transform my sexy menswear look into an everyday casual look.



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