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HI DARLINGS! I partnered with to share the new Love & Sports athletic wear, designed by celebrity designer Michelle Smith and inspired by celebrity fitness trainer Stacey Griffith, SoulCycle’s founding instructor. I took several SoulCycle classes in Los Angeles and I loved them, it was so fun and high energy so I was excited to share this new line. I am always looking for great quality fitness clothing that is affordable and this totally hits those marks. always offers great deals and easy-to-shop options. You can shop in-store or shop online with fast delivery which I always appreciate.

Now you guys know that I love fabric so it is always the first thing I check for. What I loved most was the thickness of the fabric and the coverage it gave me. The colors are bold and eye-catching, they also have such great details like the waistband pull for adjustments, the elastic bands, the support on the sports bra, and the cute tags! My favorite is the monochromatic look with the gold lettering, it is so chic.

While I was shopping at trying to select pieces I literally couldn’t decide, they were all so cute. I decided on the black multi-color leggings and matching sports bra and the wine color top with long sleeves and leggings. It’s really great how easy it is to mix and match the collection and really get something that speaks to your lifestyle. Love & Sports is about self-expression and empowering people to be unapologetically and confidently themselves.

Make sure to head over to and check out the Love & Sports athleticwear. You will love it!

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Karlison Menstr
Karlison Menstr
07 черв.

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Very cool article, I like your train of thought when it comes to clothes and in this particular article sports, it's nice to read this kind of thing, it's inspiring. Because nowadays few people publish such articles, in general, for my work I sometimes need inspiration from reading and reviewing other authors, it makes me move further in my development. I also remember the peculiarities of the presentation of the material, which are different for each author, although sometimes it happens that they are very similar to each other, and this sometimes makes me think.


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