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Le Tote Presents Unlimited Clothes!

Hi Darlings, I hope you had an amazing Monday to start your week off great. I was flying yesterday on my way to Atlanta for a little business and realized that traveling as often as I do can be difficult on my wardrobe. Since I am constantly photographed in my clothing I always have to think about what I am packing and when I wore it last, lol!


Now thanks to LE TOTE I have an awesome fix to my travel packing woes and I know you are going to LOVE this too! Now I can rent awesome, unlimited apparel and accessories for $49 a month! Yep you read that right.

Here’s How

  1. With LE TOTE you only pay $49 a month!

  2. You fill out a size profile and then you “like” all your favorite things by clicking the heart and they will be added to your closet.

  3. A stylist will hook up your tote with items from your closet and items that fit your style.

  4. You get 3 garments and two accessories and you can wear them for as long as you want or wear it one day and send it back the next.

  5. Once you’re done wearing your goodies you put it all back in the prepaid envelope and send it back.

  6. Wait on your next LETOTE to arrive!

Get 20% off your first month when you sign up using THIS LINK make sure to use the link so the code MIMIGSTYLE will automatically be applied.

I had so much fun adding clothes to my closet and was so excited when my first LE TOTE arrived. It had two dresses I loved and a cute cardigan with faux leather elbow patches. The two accessories were a great match!


I LOVE THIS DRESS! It is so easy to wear, is so comfy, and the slit was just enough sexy.

With LE TOTE I can get as many new totes as I want per month and shipping is FREE both ways. The best thing is you don’t even have to worry about washing the clothes before sending them back.


LE TOTE carries upscale brands and designer garments that you would find at Nordstrom, Shopbop. Piperlime etc. and if you absolutely love something and must have it you can always keep the item and purchase it at a deep discount!

I loved this grey dress so much that I sent my tote bag minus this little baby and LE TOTE will charge the card on file for the discounted purchase price. Easy and Fab!


Now you can customize your box and get exactly what you want! The stylist chooses items for you, but 24 hours before your box is shipped, you can go in and switch out items you don’t want or need that week!


The cardigan was the perfect addition to my jeans and t-shirt look and the dramatic bracelet was just what my look needed for some added glam. The addition of accessories to your LE TOTE bag is genius because you don’t need to worry about having to pair something yourself. The jewelry was really gorgeous and worked well with all three garments.


It really is such an awesome way to get a rotating closet of amazing clothes for less than $50 a month! Your friends will wonder why you don’t wear the same thing twice anymore 😉

Because I am awesome and I love you guys so much here is a discount offer! Get 20% off your first month when you sign up using THIS LINK.Make sure you click the link to sign up so you get the 20% off. The discount code MIMIGSTYLE will automatically applied that way!




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