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Hi Darlings! Today is a different type of post because I am featuring my mommy. My mom is so very special to me and if you guys have attended the conferences you have probably met her once or twice. She is the woman I learned to be independent and strong from and definitely who I love and admire so much!

My mom has gone through so much in her life and when she came to visit me for Christmas she asked for a makeover and I of course said YES! My mom has worked really hard to lose weight over the past year and has not only lost over 30 lbs. but has been taken off certain medications because of the weight loss. I want her to be healthy and happy for many many years.

We took mommy shopping for some cool new pieces and because mom isn’t great at visualizing how how she can wear a piece more than one way once we got back to my place we took all of her pieces and showed her how she could style each piece multiple ways and then we set up a photo shoot, LOL! There were over 30 looks we put together from the pieces I bought her but that’s too many to post here so I have picked some of the best looks.

Hope you enjoy and maybe get some inspiration for looks you may want to try! HERE IS THE SHOCKER…WE BOUGHT ALL OF THIS AT FOREVER 21 AND H&M (except her Adidas and some boots…linked below)





This is one of my favorite looks. This dress is fantastic because it can be layered easily. We first layered the dress with a black and white striped sweater which is awesome because of the contrast in the stripes and then with this army green jacket that falls just below her waist. You can also style dress with several different shoes, like the sexy black boot, the casual brown boots and with sneakers.

(H&M Dress, Forever 21 Sweater, Steve Madden Booties Black, Steve Madden Booties Brown, Adidas)


We then took that same sweater and jacket and worked it into her boyfriends jeans. Now at first she was wearing her jeans un-cuffed which gave her a less polished look. Below is the before and after of her jeans. We also layered the sweater with a basic tee to add a little more length under her sweater for her comfort level.

(Forever 21 Sweater, Her Boyfriend Jeans, Forever 21 Jacket, Adidas)


Something as simple as cuffing your jeans makes a huge difference.


We then took those same jeans and tee and added this fringe sweater and some sexy barely there gold heels she had in her closet already and turned a casual look into a sexy dinner look.

(Forever 21 Fringe Poncho, Forever 21 tee)


We switched out the boyfriend jeans for her new skinnies and the same tee. Then added the brown boots and her new Coach bag and the same fringe poncho for a great casual look.

(Forever 21 Skinnies, Steve Madden Booties, Coach Bag)


As you can see from her face she loves her looks and feels great in them. This is probably one of my favorites! I love neutrals so this layered look with her cowl neck sweater looks great. The cowl neck dress is too short for her to wear as a dress but with leggings you can turn it into a long tunic. We added this great green 3/4 length sleeve cardigan to create interest and give her more coverage at the waist and tummy where she feels less comfy.

(H&M Sweater Dress, Forever 21 Cardigan, Steve Madden Booties)



The same cowl neck sweater and leggings is then worn with her sleepless vest and her leopard boots.

(Forever 21 Vest, H&M Booties, H&M Sweater Dress)


We then took off the layers and put on an obi belt. She didn’t realize she could wear a belt and when she did she was placing it in the wrong place. She was placing her waistbands and belt on her belly and not the smallest part of her waist. The wide belt cinches her waist 😉

(H&M Sweater Dress, DIY Obi Belt)


That same black sleeveless vest migrated over to her skinny jeans looks with a black tee and these fringe heels for fun and a pop of color.


Distressed jeans are always a yes! as long as it isn’t too much, in the wrong places and keep it on a dark denim. My mom is 58 years old so we want to make sure she looks appropriate even in her denim. Cuff the skinnies and show off those ankles!


This dress was a winner as soon as we saw it. The midid length works well even for us shorties if worn with the right shoe. My mom is only 5 feet tall (awwww) lol we added the color-blocked sweater so she can be comfortable wearing it to church.

(H&M Dress, Target Cardigan, Steve Madden Booties)


This green dress was also a winner, it has so many style options but she really loved it with her scarf and new hat courtesy of Tieko and Norris, lol. She felt very regal in this look.

(H&M Dress, Urban Outfitters Shawl, Street Vendor Hat)


Now lets talk about the sexiness that this woman is exuding! This is a great black dress because the options are endless. First we styled it very simple with a scrappy heel and a necklace. (H&M Dress)


We then added a jacket for work appropriate look and added a bootie. (H&M Jacket and Dress)


The next look with the same dress was her favorite. We added great poncho with a grey shoe and a light pick necklace that picked up the pink in her poncho. (H&M Dress, Forever 21 Poncho)


This is the same dress worn as a top 😉 with a soft delicate shirt and the same necklace. If you have a body con dress remember you can use the top portion if you are wearing a flared skirt. (H&M Dress, Forever 21 Skirt, Forever 21 Heels)


I had such a great time with my mom and enjoyed her so much! She left with pics of all the looks we put together and now she has this blog post to come back and look at lol. I love you mom!





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