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Complexion Rescue: My Freckles Rock!

Hi Darlings, I have always been a big fan of my freckles, and when I was little my mom use to tell me that freckles were angel kisses. When I started wearing makeup it was really hard to find foundations and concealers that did not cover up my freckles. I have tried a ton of BB, CC and every other alphabet creams you can think of. Some have been pretty good and others make my freckles disappear.

When I came across Complexion Rescue and read that it would increase my skins hydration by up to 215% in just one week I was sold, but then upon further review I realized it was also “Freckle Friendly” (yay for me) My freckles are part of my personality, it adds character to my face and I love to show them off…sometimes I wish I had more!


I started using Complexion Rescue several weeks ago and I can tell you I am hooked on it…it gives me that lightweight feeling, a dewy complexion and my skin feels hydrated. I can certainly tell a difference in how my face feels even right out of the shower.. the dry feeling is gone and instead my skin feels supple. Complexion Rescue is the best of a BB, CC and Tinted Moisturizer. It’s super easy to apply with the smoothing face brush, it’s buildable and gives me a radiant look.


Since I can’t seem to locate that darn fountain of youth I MUST make sure I only use products that are going to make my skin better. I especially like products that have sun protection like the SPF 30 in Complexion Rescue… It also has mineral electrolytes, hydrating humectants, and antioxidants which help defend against environmental stressors.


Since I was on a roll I thought why not try the eye shadows, lip sticks and mascara. I LOVE the Mascara!!! Lash Domination is no joke and I don’t have to put on a bunch of coats…two coats and I have long, gorgeous lashes. The eyeshadows have great color palettes and let’s also not ignore the real important stuff like great packaging, lol! I love carrying my lipstick around in that cute case, lol.


If you have been looking for amazing coverage, lightweight and easy application, something GREAT for your skin and could use some hydration! (duh who doesn’t) I totally recommend  you give Complexion Rescue a try. Be Original, Be Natural, Be Good!




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