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What I Wish To Be Weighed By

Hi Darlings, a few days ago I posted about the Lean Cuisine #WeighThis campaign and it was so great to read all of the amazing things you guys wish to be valued by instead of your physical appearance. Being a mom of three girls it’s so important for me to set a good example and let them know that they are amazing, strong, talented young women who should be weighed by their integrity, character and kindness for others and never by their weight.

I wanted to highlight some great comments shared in my last post and this video provided by Lean Cuisine. Please share this with all the women in your life. #WeighThis

LAWANA POWELL “I want to be weighed on my strength, tenacity and perseverance despite the obstacles put in my way”.

CHURIE WALLACE “I wish to be weighed on my compassion for others, my ability to persevere even when I was counted out by those around me, my love for my family through thick or thin and the strength that I display on a daily basis”.

SHARON “This is so deep, I’m in tears right now. I want to be weighed by the way I raised by children to be honest and upstanding human beings. I want to be weighed by the love I have for others. I want to be weighed by my faith that Jesus is my light!”.

KAYDRA “I want to be weighed by my love for God, the love I have for my grandchildren, the gratitude I have for my parents who have been my support all my life and that I have never had one day without both of them. I want to be weighed by the passion and dedication I have for my children, my family and friends. But most of all I want to be weighed for being me the great, beautiful, confident, exciting, gorgeous grandmother that I am”.

ADRIENNE B “I wanna be weighed by my sense of humor. I’m a heavy weight champion of the world in that area (In my own mind anyway) I wanna be weighed in by heart for God!!#ThatIsAllForNow”.

MICHELLE “I want to be weighed on my greatest success and my blessings in anyway see fit my kids as a teenage mom of four kids yes 4 kids at a teenager and yes kept all of them raised them to be good and respectful human, I want to be weighed on speaking up and out in the face of injustice and unfairness even if I am the only one opening up my big mouth. I want to be weighed on me my character as a person who has come a long way holding my head high”.


Thank you all so much for sharing your comments with me and expressing how important this conversation is. #WeighThis




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