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 HI DARLINGS! I wanted to share a quick modification of one of my SUMMER PATTERNS #8123. I always design with modifications in mind…meaning I design a pattern with other options that I know I can share with you guys on the blog to give you even more from my patterns.

This modification is on making VIEW B into a maxi skirt with a gathered waist and pockets. I plan to post my full look tomorrow so you can see the finished dress but today I thought I would share the steps I took to make this modifications.


I am obsessed with denim and chambray so you will probably see a lot of that in my upcoming pattern reviews too, LOL! (similar fabric HERE)

I made a diagram below to go over what I extended…

Cut your size as you normally would. Measure the additional length you are going to needful the skirt by measuring from your waist to the floor (wear shoes) and jot that down, you will be adding that same length to all three pieces.

  1. For pattern piece #17 (skirt back) add length (shown in pink) and add 4 ” to the width of the pattern at the center back (shown in yellow)

  2. Do the same thing to pattern piece #16 (left skirt front) but instead of adding all 4″ to one side you are going to add 2″ to each side of this pattern piece (shown in yellow)

  3. For pattern piece #15 (right front skirt) you are going to add length same as above and 4″ to the side seam (shown in yellow)

Once you have altered the skirt you will need to cut out THIS POCKET PATTERN (print and cut) and attach it to the side of each skirt side seam (you can view how to add the pockets in THIS VIDEO (time stamp 4:25) continue sewing the dress as per the instructions or you can watch my step-by-step sew along video HERE before attaching your skirt to the bodice you will need to gather your skirt pieces to fit on to your bodice.

Gather your skirt by sewing a row of basting stitches 5/8″ from the raw edge and then again 1/4″ from the first row of stitching. Pin your bodice to the skirt at the side seam and then pull your basting stitches until your skirt fits onto the bodice.

I can’t wait for you to see the final dress tomorrow!


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