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The Stories Of My Life

Hi Darlings, Every year around this time I start to feel a tad bit emotional at the thought of not having everyone I love in one place for the holidays. I think that as we get older and our kids start moving away you start to think of all those moments you shared and all the things you want to share, but now have to do it virtually.   When we decided to move to the midwest we knew the hardest thing would be leaving our oldest behind. She had long moved out of the house and had been living on her own, but the thought of not having her pop in to do laundry or clean out our fridge was awful, lol.


For me it was most difficult because she is my first born and although you love all your kids abundantly I have shared more with her because she is my oldest. We would spend a lot of time together and not being able to do that at a moments notice takes some getting use to. Now that it’s been a few months since we have been separated I think we are starting to adjust a bit and have figured out ways to stay connected.

When I downloaded the OneDay App I knew I had found a great way to make, send and receive thoughtful and fun stories to each other. Aside from it being so easy to use that my grandmother could figure it out (sorry grammy) it adds a nostalgic and magical touch to the videos we create in just a few clicks. It really is that easy! But what I liked most is that I can capture moments with my family that I can keep forever…even when my babies are no longer babies or want to marry Harry from One Direction.

The first thing I did was text my daughter to tell her about the app and a few minutes later I started getting videos from her! I cant tell you how happy it makes me to hear her voice and see her little face. I can also tell she hasn’t lost her sense of humor LOL!

My youngest babes jumped right on board, they are both a bunch of hams (I wonder where they get that from) and love being on camera so we picked some stories from the awesome list in the OneDay App they  and started capturing.

My youngest daughter, Imani is such a cutie pie and I can see how quickly she is growing (UGH) that I just want to get as much of her on camera so I never forget her obsession with one direction, or my sons hilarious funny face and silly dances, or that fact that he also knows she is obsessed with Harry…..


I guess when I started asking the questions I didn’t realize how much they miss Chastidy too! She seemed to come up in several videos and that made me happy, it showed what an impact she has had on them as their big sister. I figured while I had them on camera I better ask some good questions, like who they think they will marry or what they want to do with their lives….It’s great seeing the difference between my boy and my girl.

Did he say he wants to marry someone like his big sister! I melted and immediately shared the video with her.

I also found it most useful when sitting at a restaurant enjoying a meal. I know my family is silly but sometimes they make me laugh until my stomach hurts because you never know what they are going to say. Take for example what my hubby said when I asked him why God created the earth….

I then thought it would be super awesome to catch him in his office and ask him to do some impersonations and tell me a joke. The man never refuses camera time but I should have know better….He cracks himself up!!!


I gotta tell you that every moment I spend with him reminds me of why I love him so much. We just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and if I could go back and marry him again I would…except this time we would do it in a church with flowers, a beautiful dress, and guests… and not at the court house in a green sweater and black capri pants with two witness in cargo shorts and t-shirts (yes, we must redo that moment) but it was one of the best days of our lives!


OneDay is really one of the coolest apps I have ever downloaded and because it’s so easy to use and share the kids wanted to get in on the fun. They downloaded the app and turn the tables on us and each other….

I of course made sure to use it for my own sneaky agenda and find out what they wanted for Christmas. Note to self… Find out what a trick board is, find a robot puppy (not ready for real pets) and pick up that model toy Porsche!

Time goes by so fast and I personally don’t want to miss a beat. I cherish every moment I can with my family and having these life stories lets me relive those moments over and over again. Thanks OneDay for making a truly magical app. If you don’t download a single app all year download THIS ONE, I promise you will love it. To download Click HERE

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


*This post was sponsored by OneDay*



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