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Hi Darlings, I hope you are planning to have a wonderful and productive week, I know I am! I am happy to say that i have more home decorating pics today. I have finished the dining room with the exception of two more paintings that have yet to arrive and a gorgeous glass bowl that I fell in love with for the hutch….yes I will show you pics as soon as they arrive. For now, this is what I have done to the dining room. I love clean lines, no fuss, clutter free spaces….much like my wardrobe. It must be functional but glam, lol. The furniture and accents came from several different places so I have listed them below. 

When it comes to house hunting, I often hear that it’s difficult for people to look behind the “styling” that’s done to some homes, or to look past the homeowners current furnishings. I walk into a space and see no furnishings, I focus only on the space I am looking at. When I viewed the house for the first time it was still furnished so although the decor was the complete opposite to what I would do, it gave me a great indication of proportions and furniture size. It allowed me to quickly access how much space I was working with and how their furnishings were using the space. 

Their style was more traditional  and carried a fall color scheme on the walls throughout the house. I am more of  jewel tone person and truly love all things grey, black and white which makes those combinations a win. Because I tend to change things up with the seasons I keep most of my main furniture pieces neutral in color so that I quickly change out my accessories and table accents for a whole new look….I use those items to add color to my space, allowing me to never really commit to one thing, and I can change decor without having to do a complete remodel each time.

Here is a look at the room as we viewed it BEFORE we moved in:


Some of the very first things you will notice is the wall color, carpet and chandelier. I have an ongoing love affair with grey so I knew after purchasing the dining set (info below) that I was going to carry the grey to the walls. I wanted to add depth to the room and adding the lighter stripe in the center of the room was a great way to accomplish that while adding a touch of elegance to the room. I had new carpet put in for a few reasons….I knew my wall color would be light through out the house so I went with a darker carpet to ground the rooms and also make it kid friendly, it is a lot harder to keep light carpets clean with kids and dirty carpets will break a room no matter how well it’s decorated. I also changed out the CHANDELIER to a more modern and clean style. Chandelier from Lowe’s / Paint Colors Olympic #D58-1 Thin Ice & Olympic #D58-3 Flagstone 


As soon as I saw the DINING SET I was in love. It was so sexy, clean lines, a modern 70’s vibe and it screamed simplistic glam. I purchased it online after seeing in LA. I like getting the best deal possible so after I saw it I took a pic on my phone of the manufacturer and style number. I went online did a quick search and found it on OVERSTOCK. They had the best listed price so I purchased immediately. #score


I have found my new favorite store for all things decor! it’s called AT HOME and it’s amazing…I walked in and almost cried, LOL! I was able to find the paintings in the room, that amazing gold brushed mirror, candlesticks, the silk plant and the vases on the table.


The distressed black cabinet is a total gem and added texture to the room. I love to mix new and old, polished and rustic and glam with comfort. Decorating a room is about expressing who you are and you are not one style, one look, one dimensional so use that to combine and play with colors and texture until you find you perfect blend. Cabinet was a find from AT HOME


The white accents int he room add just the right amount of softness to the room and using the white flowers add a delicate touch.



These amazing black chairs were perfect for the corners of the room, I was looking for black chairs to add to the black/white element that is through out the house but also to tie in the black cabinet. I spotted these babies in HOME GOODS and snatched them up quick, fast and in a hurry!


The tailored chairs are just fantastic!


The hubby and I are having such a great time decorating our home and he has a wonderful eye so we work great together and can bounce ideas off of each other. He enjoys the process and is a great handyman, it’s a win win! Can’t wait to show you more.




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