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The Goodwin Home Makeover: Bubby’s Room

Hi Darlings! I know I have been away but I am sure you can imagine how much we have had to do. Since relocating to the Midwest, one week yesterday, we have been going non-stop. I have a little bit of anxiety issue when things are not in order and I simply can’t function so my family understands that we need to get our home in order ASAP or mom is gonna freak out, LOL!

We moved into a beautiful home, but there was so much to get done like repainting EVERY room, because the colors of the previous owners were not working for me at all. I also needed NEW carpet, so we have not had the furniture in the first level of the house brought in until the carpet was put down, which is actually happening now. The kids had full control over the decor of their rooms (well, I slightly directed them) but for the most part what they wanted, is what we gave them.


The largest project of the house is the HUGE finished basement which is ALL mine!!! The lower level of the house is my new design space, filming studio, sewing space and I have a huge room for my closet. It’s so amazing and feels like I have my own apartment inside of our house, lol. There is a lot to get done downstairs but what I am most excited about is having so much more space to create and the ability to film in a dedicated area is going to make things so much easier.

Since we have so much to do, including some home decor DIY projects I am going to share the house in phases and then do a final video tour. Today we will start with Bubby’s (that’s what we call him) room aka my prince! Here are some shots of his room and the hubby’s amazing paint job. Bubby and the hubby are big Husker fans, of course… so they decided on a red room with a white stripe and off to Lowe’s they went.


The red color is Valspar “Art District” #ar226 it’s the perfect shade of red. The brightness is gorgeous, but it’s still deep and rich. It looks a little brighter in the pics because I took the shots with the sun working against me. The white stripe is Olympic “Snow Storm” #C30-2


The previous color was a strange mauve color that was pretty hard to cover so we used Olympic Paint + Primer Base Paint. Two coats of that and we were good to go. The quality of paint you use is crucial to the outcome but you don’t have to spend a ton of money. The paint ran us about $27 a gallon and we used 1 gallon of red and 1/2 gallon of white.


Our son aka “My Prince” picked out his own bedspread, sheets, pillows and carpet, lol! He knew exactly what he wanted. The bedding collection is from Target, along with the lamp, carpet and alarm clock.



I still have a little more to do in here, like adding shelves and ordering a few posters he requested. Other than the few things I have to do his room is pretty much done! Now I need to tackle my 11 year olds room aka “My Princess” which is going to be girly to the max (she tales after me) I hope you guys enjoy the pics and updates on the house and I will see you in a few days! thank you so much for your patience.




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