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Hi Darlings! I am so excited about this post. When I partnered with Legacybox and learned how amazing their service was I knew you guys would appreciate it. I don’t know about you but I have been around long before the digital boom and so I happen to have things like cassette tapes (of mixes I made using the radio and the record/stop button, LOL) I have VHS tapes…you know those big rectangles with actual film… yeah those. I even had some mini dv tapes and old pictures that were actually taken with a film camera. The memories held within these items are priceless to me but I couldn’t relive them because I no longer own a cassette player, VCR or DV player…that was until I got my hands on Legacybox.

You can preserve any format of outdated memories! Legacybox will send you a kit that you fill with your memories and then send it back to them pre-paid, they digitize it all and then send it back to you! Here is how it all works…



The kit includes a welcome guide, round trip shipping and a crush proof box. Along with the prepaid shipping you also get barcodes that you place on your items for easy tracking. It makes sure your memories stay safe through out the entire process.



Once you are done barcoding simply place your items back into the boxes provided and fill any empty spaces with paper or padding to avoid shifting.



In a few weeks you’ll get your originals back along with DVDs and digital files ready to share, view and enjoy!




Isn’t that amazing? I am so glad that Legacybox provides this service because memories are what our lives are made up of and I want to be able to watch, laugh, reminisce and remember all those great moments with my friends and family.

Here is a clip of some of the footage I was able to preserve and enjoy again after so many years…my son learning to crawl!

You are probably pulling out old VHS tapes right now aren’t you? Well here is something awesome for you…The first 50 people to use the code: STYLE at checkout will receive 40% off their Legacybox when you click the link HERE



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