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The Best Photo Organizing App Ever

Hi Darlings, this past weekend I got the chance to attend a really cool Google Photos event featuring the CoolHaus ice cream truck (OMG)with my daughter Lexi and we had such a good time. We played the #PayWithAPhoto game where these cards are flipping really fast and then stops on a word like “Mountains” and you have to look in your photos for a picture of a mountain (not by google image searching) lol that would be cheating. I of course got mountains and was like “I don’t have picture of a mountain on my phone”…since you only get 20 seconds to locate your pic I looked to my left and snapped a pic of the mountains lol!…#winning



Once you win you get to choose what cookie you want and what ice cream you want and they make you the yummiest ice cream sandwiches! I picked chocolate chip and salted caramel ice cream. It was delicious!



The google photos event was a lot of fun but what I enjoyed was learning the cool features that help keep the million and one pics I have on my phone organized and searchable.  Having all my images from all my devices accessible all the time is amazing to me especially since in my profession my photos are everything. Another cool feature is the search…I can search for a pic that may have pizza in it…so I can search pizza and my pics will appear.


Another cool feature is the search…I can search for a pic that may have pizza in it…so I can search pizza and my pics will appear.


The most important feature for me is the ability to edit my pics, share them and even create animation. Its so easy to use and so functional that I cant imagine not having google photos as my number one pic app. You can see some of the features I mentioned HERE


I have so many apps on my phone so having one place that stores my images, where I can edit, share and even create movies is simply fantastic.



I want to express my gratitude to you for the amazing content that you have shared with us. I have a strong conviction that adore and learn more about this subject. I have consumed a significant portion of my free time by reading the stuff that you have provided. Many, many thanks for your assistance. connections game


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nick smith
Dec 19, 2023

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