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The Best DIY Home Hacks Ever!

Hi Darlings! I am so stoked to share the most amazing DIY hack product ever. I have been having WAY too much fun playing with Sugru and after using the product to create my own DIY home hacks I couldn’t wait to share them with you.

I read everything about the product and how it works before getting started of course but after actually using it I was seriously impressed…I promise you this stuff is like magic! I was searching my loft for things I could hack.


Sugru is moldable glue that feels like play-dough but sticks to just about anything. So when you open it it’s totally soft and then turns into this crazy strong flexible rubber (mind blown). This will give even the most DIY shy person you know the confidence to start hacking away their home.

Okay let’s get to the good stuff! Sugru sent me their most recent releases Sugru Kit and Sugru Starter Kit. All I had to do was have some fun and hack things around here. I picked four DIY hacks that I knew I needed ASAP in my life and took some pics to show you how I made them work for me.

You know I never forget about you guys so Sugru is offering a GIVEAWAY! They are offering a $100 Amazon voucher + Sugru Kit to one of my readers and a Sugru Guide to 3 runner up winners. Details on entering the contest are at the end of this post.

#1. My Computer Cord

It’s no secret that these cords are notorious for breaking at the ends (sigh) so the first thing I knew I needed to do was repair the cord on BOTH ends so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. The instructions were right in the booklet with pictures and everything.

The Sugru is so moldable and easy to work with.

#2 My Sewing Machine

The beauty of Sugru is that you will always find a way to use it that’s perfect for you. When I saw the magnet hack I knew immediately what I needed. I am always reaching for my scissors when I am sewing so I decided to add the magnets to the side of my machine following the instructions in the booklet so I could place my scissors right where I need them…GENUIS.


#3 My Beauty Hack

So I am going to confess…I am addicted to beauty videos on YouTube and although I don’t show a ton of my make up looks on the blog I am obsessed with trying out all of the DIY beauty tutorials I come across. The problem is that watching it on my tablet while looking down isn’t the easiest, until now. I decided I could use the Sugru as a mount for my bathroom so that I can watch at eye level and apply at the same time! I know I know…you can Thank me later 😉


#4 My Shoes

We all know that I have a small problem when it comes to buying shoes so it’s no surprise that I am always running out of space, so when I saw this hack in the booklet I thought …AMAZEBALLS! You can do this hack behind your closet doors, near the front door so people can place their shoes or if you store your shoes on bookshelves like me you can make the most out of the bookshelf and add this hack to the side.

I had so much fun using Sugru and already have a list of things I want to hack, like the cord holder for the side of my nightstand. I also plan on giving the

Sugru Kit and Sugru Starter Kit to all my friends for the Holidays. It’ the perfect gift!

GIVEAWAY! One winner will get a $100 Amazon voucher + Sugru Kit and 3 runner up’s will receive a Sugru Starter Kit.

Click over to Sugru website HERE and pick out your favorite project, and then comment back on THIS POST with the project you want to try. (Open to US only. The giveaway will run for 1 week)



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