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HI DARLINGS! I had to share this post because I get asked this question all the time…“What do you do to avoid back pain from sewing?” This is a really common issue because we spend most of your time hunched over trying to look at the presser foot of our machines. This not only causes shoulder and back pain but it starts to slowly cause that hunch in the upper part of your back.

I didn’t realize that my tension headaches were due in large part to my posture. I spend long hours either  on my computer or at my sewing machine and apparently we hold awkward shoulder, elbow, and wrist postures while sewing because of improper chair height or position. We also sit for long periods in the same position, which causes soreness of the back and neck, and reduced circulation to the legs.

I have made it a point to change my chair to much better ergonomic chair but more than that I am constantly working on my posture and keeping myself aware of it all day until I no longer have to think about it. I also stop and move around now and also stop to do stretches throughout the day.

My chiropractor, Dr. Johnson,  has literally change day life! I went from having almost weekly tension headaches, some of which would last 2-3 days to none in weeks. Aside from the adjustments and massages I receive during my visits I have learned so much about my body and how to best take care of it so i can sew more… lol and do it comfortably.

The video below is a convo I had with Dr. Johnson and I hope it helps you too!! You can find him HERE if you are local to Los Angeles


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