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Setting A Table With Fresh Flowers

Hi Darlings! So you ever order flowers from an online shop and then when you get them, or the person you sent them too gets them, they don’t look anything like what you ordered? Instead of these amazing flowers you saw online they get some sad little buds that never seem to open? Yeah well I got a fix for you!


I stopped sending flowers from online delivery services because I was always afraid of what that special someone was going to actually get. When I came across The Bouqs that all changed! The Bouqs is a new flower delivery service that’s easy, fresh, and beautiful! The flowers are cut the day you order them and shipped the next day, so you’ll receive them sooner and they’ll last longer!

The flowers are shipped directly to your door from the farms so there is no waiting in warehouses until they’re ordered. As if the service wasn’t cool enough already their flowers are grown on the side of an active volcano in Ecuador, so more sunshine and mineral rich soil makes for better flowers. What you see is what you get and never any teddy bears or cheap candy lol.


I love having fresh flowers in my house because they brighten any room and just make me smile. Since The Bouqs has flat, affordable pricing with no hidden costs, and shipping is always FREE, I can order flowers that I know will be gorgeous and well received. During the holidays I like to send them as gifts and especially love to use them in my holiday decorating.

I have a small group of friends coming over soon for a soup and wine party so I though I would use my flowers to decorate my holiday table. Here is how I did that using a few store bought items and my Bouqs  flowers.

I decided to make the most of my flowers so I cut, trimmed and split them into two vases and then added some decorative gold painted accents to give it a holiday feel and some glam!


I picked up a new table runner, some decorative candy, snow globes and tree ornaments. I didn’t have the perfect red for my napkins so I bought a new set along with these adorable pearl napkin rings and glitter tags!



I filled a large glass vase I had on hand with the ornaments and some garland for my centerpiece.


Once I had the centerpiece done, I arranged the candy jars, snow globes and candles on the table, then I added my chargers, white plates and napkins. I think it looks great and was super simple to do. It’s the perfect way to make your fresh flowers the focus of your table.


Here is an awesome chance to experience The Bouqs for yourself! and enjoy them this holiday!

Get a FREE Bouquet with your first purchase by clicking HEREApplies only to your first order.

Check out this cool video explaining how The Bouqs works.


*This post was sponsored by The Bouqs*



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