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My Week In Insta-View!

Hi Darlings!

I meant to post this yesterday, but I had some family to do’s that took over my day. I know many of you don’t follow on Instagram, or just don’t do Instagram (like my mom) and just prefer a recap so I thought I would do an insta-view of my week. I use my Instagram as a place to share more of my regular day to day life with the family, so here is a lil bit of that.

First I will start with the third video as part of my “Family Friday” segments on my YouTube channel. This is last Friday’s video on how we met. Every Friday on YouTube we will be doing a video highlighting our family, questions asked by many of you and just some fun wholesome love.

We took the kids out for the day last Sunday 4/6 and had a great time together!

 You all have seen my baby boy plenty since he is a ham just like mama and loves the camera.

 My little girl is a lot less of a ham and prefers not being in front of the camera, but every so often she smiles for me lens. She is just gorgeous!

 Lexi (my 16 yr old) and I went out to dinner last week before her dance class.

She always keeps me smiling and laughing.

I spy a Goodwin!

 I stopped in at Ulta and picked up a few goodies. I’ll be reviewing them soon.

 When we see new properties being built we always stop in to take tours of the model homes, lol. It always gives me so much decorating inspiration, like the frames below. These are photographs of actual swimsuits, blown up and framed. LOVE!

This past Sunday 4/13 I spent the day in my studio working on a tulle skirt for my daughter. I also plan to make one for myself and I might just do a tutorial. They are so much fun and as I am sure you have noticed, they are everywhere!

 Of course we couldn’t resist having some fun with the left over tulle 😉



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