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HI DARLINGS! I am back from my trip to Puerto Rico, and I miss it so much already. I had not been back to PUERTO RICO in 24 years. Up until six years ago I worked full time and had to provide for my family, take care of the kids, work, etc. and honestly I couldn’t afford to travel so going back home to PR never seemed feasible.

When I started my blog and then my business, I worked diligently on growing it and building Mimi G Style, Inc and that became the focus. Last year I finally had planned to go home, I was taking time off, taking Norris and the kids and finally visiting my dad but then hurricane Maria happened, so that put our plans on hold. My dad and family on the island did ok during that disaster and although my dad went 86 days without light and very little clean water they managed and now is doing great.

I had no plans to visit just yet, but my dad’s wife texted and said she was having a surprise birthday party for my dads 65th birthday and asked if I would be able to fly in and surprise him. I had about two weeks before his birthday, so Norris and I decided we were going to go. I was so excited I almost couldn’t stand it, but I had to wait two whole weeks, It was like torture, lol.

We cleared our schedules and worked like mad people trying to get everything done, because outside of traveling to PR and spending 7 days there we would be flying back home two days before Thanksgiving to cook, eat with mom and the kids, and then leave again two days later on my birthday cruise for another 7 days. We managed to get everything done and off we went!

We had the most fantastic time, and we captured some video of our trip and most importantly video of me surprising my dad. I wish I could have stayed another week there, the island of Puerto Rico is incredible, and I promise you there is no other island like it. I was amazed to see how hard the people have worked to put Puerto Rico back together after so much disaster. The island looked beautiful with little sign of that hurricane. I was so happy to be able to support local artisans and local businesses during my trip.

Ok here is a video of our visit and below are some pics of the fantastic time we had.  I am so blessed that I was able to pick up and go to see my father and my grandparents, they are amazing, resilient people who I love dearly. Be thankful for your family and live fully.

Puerto Rico is in need of tourism so please if you plan to take a vacation and you want to experience the absolute time of your life go to PUERTO RICO! I have a dear friend, more like a brother, who gives custom tours of PR so you can enjoy the island like locals. His name is David, and his INSTAGRAM is @igottourspr, please reach out to him or visit his website I GOT TOURS PR when you visit and tell him his Sis, Mimi G sent you.



I would need three blog posts to share all the pics I took so I am just sharing some of my favorites, we did a lot while in PR but here is a just a few pics of some of the places we visited the first part of the trip, the second part of the trip I put my phone away and spent time in the countryside with my family.

LAJAS which is the south of the island and took a boat from LA PARGUERA which you must visit, it is truly breathtaking.

SAMUEL LIND who took time to show us around his home. We purchased some art pieces from his studio and spent a great deal of time just chatting about his life. You can learn more about him HERE.

EL MORRO and went over to the CASA BLANCA museum. It was as the first fortification of the San Juan islet  as was the residence for Juan Ponce de León and his family.

LOÍZA for some amazing food and beaches!

EL PARQUE DE PALOMAS, my dad would take me here so I could feed the pigeons. It’s so much fun and slightly gross, LOL!! but you must experience it.

YAUCO, so much thanks to Project Yaucromatic – an initiative set up by PR artists to revive this forgotten town after the devastation left after hurricane Maria. Yauco stands proudly with its homes covered in vibrant colors and loudly spreads the message that WE ARE HERE. WE ARE STRONG. WE WILL BE HEARD.  

HATILLO so after surprising dad (which you can see in the video) we stayed with him at my family house. They live in the countryside so the life there is simple, to say the least. My grandparents home is still the same, after 24 years nothing much has changed.




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