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HI DARLINGS! This post is sponsored by The Cheesecake Factor.

I have been so excited about sharing this experience. You may have seen a few sneak peeks on my Instagram earlier in the month. I had the opportunity along with two other food bloggers to experience a day at The Cheesecake Factory Culinary Center. This place was magnificent! We got a behind-the-scenes look at the cheesecake way of doing things.  This is where the magic happens before the magic reaches your plate. They test recipes, create new dishes and enhance the dishes already on the menu to keep them fresh and interesting. My kids and I love The Cheesecake Factory so as true super fans this was a real treat.

I was impressed by the dedication shown and was blown away to find out that The Cheesecake Factory makes more than 250 menu items fresh from scratch every day. YEP!!! you read that right, fresh from scratch. I will admit that I had to see it to believe it because with so many delicious options and with over 200 restaurants I couldn’t imagine that.

All sauces, marinades, and dressings are made from scratch in the restaurant. Vegetables are brought in fresh and cut and chopped by hand, eggrolls, dumplings, and pot stickers are made and hand-rolled/formed. Every burger is hand-formed, and they even grate all their cheese in the restaurant!

After leaving the Culinary Center still wearing my personalized chef’s coat we headed to The Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Santa Monica to see for ourselves how the kitchen runs and how they make it all fresh and from scratch daily.

Once we toured the kitchen we all sat down to enjoy some fantastic dishes; here are just a few of those dishes. I apologize now for making you hungry and making you want to leave where you are right this minute and head to your local Cheesecake Factory!

 The Grilled Steak Medallions from the Skinnylicious menu was amazing.

The Vegan Cobb Salad was so beautiful?

 Chicken Madeira apparently is a best seller, and I know why it was the epitome of comfort food.

 This has always been a favorite for my family, the Fried Macaroni and Cheese.

 The Ahi Tartar was a great starter, it was so fresh and tasty!

 These are dangerous! The Loaded Baked Potato Tots, you cant eat just one or ten, lol

 The Lemon-Garlic Shrimp was my favorite that afternoon, I am a sucker for shrimp and garlic.

 The Avocado Eggrolls are also a best seller.

 The Thai Lettuce Wraps were very flavorful.

 Okay, I could have had two bowls of the clam chowder, it was creamy, full of flavor and once Chef Donald suggested I add a few drops of Tabasco it got even better! Next time you are The Cheesecake Factory you have to try it.

 Finally, we stuffed our faces with so many mouthwatering cheesecakes that I could have taken a nap right on the table after we were done.

My family and I have always been huge fans of The Cheesecake Factory and my kids first choice when we ask where we are going for dinner but now we are now even bigger fans knowing just how much love and care goes into everything they serve and the made fresh from scratch daily menu is scrumptious!

What’s your favorite dish at The Cheesecake Factory?


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Felix Andrea
Felix Andrea
6 days ago

It was great to hear about your exciting visit to The Cheesecake Factory Culinary Center! The story about the process of preparing all the dishes from start to finish made me feel really impressed. You certainly had a memorable experience, and I look forward to trying the wonderful dishes you recommended. I hope to have the opportunity to experience and share the same feelings as you about Cheesecake Factory in the future. Oh, and what is your rice purity score? :)

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