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My Sewing Studio & Closet Madness

Hi Darlings!

So about two years ago we decided to move back to the city. We rented a place we could live with until we found a place that best suited us, and in the city that is hard to do. 6 months ago we found a place we liked that was just on the outskirt of the city but close enough to downtown, where I spend a lot of time (fabric/fashion district), so we moved and settled in. Soon after we found that the property community management folks were awful and negligent, so the dilemma began. Trying to get things fixed was a nightmare. The neighbors are out of control, and mind you we live in the suburbs in a gated community!! ugh. So letter after letter, complaint after complaint, broken water pipes & soaked rugs then mold build up I just could NOT take it (especially for the money we pay every month) goodness.

After trying to get the situation rectified with management and having ZERO response I began looking at BRAND NEW developments that had options to buy. I should have done this to start with but you know sometimes God has a different plan then you. So after some due diligence on our part we found an amazing place with so much room and no one has ever lived in our home. EVERYTHING is NEW! and now I have two work spaces, a studio set up for filming and a separate workspace for my own personal stuff, and an entire room that I am converting into a walk in closet! When an opportunity presents itself be ready and take action! This weekend was crazy with the moving and this week will be no different so just bare with me while I get it together.

The first thing I put in order is my bedroom because if I don’t sleep comfortable I am not a happy camper, lol I just have some artwork to put up and a few little trinkets and I am set. My bedding is a mix of Bed, Bath and Beyond HERE, Nate Berkus HERE from Target and some Home pillows from Goods.

I woke up this morning and did try to find something to wear but everything is a mess in the new place and I could NOT manage to think straight let alone find an outfit worth photographing. I am almost done setting up the work room so I can get back to business but this morning in the closet it was not happening, lol Here are some pics of the mess 😉 and the progress of my filming space!

Thank goodness Ikea sells extra shelves so you can customize your Billy Bookcases (HERE) because not only do I need 4 more shelves I need another bookcase, lol!

I am completely smitten with my rug! so appropriate and darn cute! Ikea button rug HERE

This is my filming space 😉 the table is perfect and because it is a “build it yourself” sorta thing it was perfect! The LINNMON table is 78″ long and can be found HERE (also in black/brown) the NIPEN legs are so pretty and can be found HERE. The middle piece is perfect for my pins, nippers, zippers, presser feet etc. The ALEX drawer unit is HERE. The leather chair is from Staples and the above desk shelves are EKBY found HERE More pics and links after I am finished.



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