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Hi Darlings! I was so excited to see myself Project Runway Junior last night. I had such an amazing time working with Tim and the kids so I thought it would be cool to share some pics from the episode and give you a little behind the scenes look.

The team challenge was for the designers to use a series of Simplicity vintage patterns to help create their collections. I had the immense pleasure of appearing to represent Simplicity and to mentor the kids. I got to spend some one on one time with them the day prior to shooting to go over what a commercial pattern was, how they work and how to read through the guide sheet etc.


I was a little nervous to meet them all but when they recognized me and said they watched my YouTube videos I was so excited and we went from strangers to BFF’s and started exchanging IG handles, lol. Honestly they are so talented that they didn’t need me to show them anything. They were so kind and funny and most of all humored me, LOL!


The day of filming I think I spent most of my morning trying to convince my body not to faint! I hadn’t met Tim yet so of course the anticipation to meet him was building and seeing as I LOVE HIM I didn’t want to look crazy falling all over him.


I spent some time in the make up chair with the amazing Aeriel D’andrea who did my face and made me flawless for my TV debut. Once I was dressed (of course I am wearing my Mimi G for Simplicity Pre-Spring Pattern) I was guided through this door that opened up to what sounded like angels singing and Tim Gunn standing there! He called me by my name (I died) and then we chatted for a few minutes about my dress, how much I love him and how I excited I was to be on the show.


The set was incredible! The Simplicity dresses were displayed so beautifully and the vintage feel was just perfect for the challenge. Tim and I stood on our marks while they set up and chatted some more…we laughed and of course talked fashion. HE IS SO NICE!!! (from left to right Simplicity #1587,  Simplicity #1459 and Simplicity #1197



Oh you know just me and my friend Tim laughing it up! I swear that as soon as we started filming my nerves calmed down a bit but prior to that I literally felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest.


Once the kids walked in I got a chance to explain the challenge and of course what the winner of the challenge would be getting…the winning design turned into a Simplicity pattern! They were very excited about that and I was just excited to be sharing that moment with them.


The kids got right to work! it’s so impressive how quickly they come up with ideas, fabric choices and get started.




If you have ever sewn with a silky fabric you know it’s not the easiest thing in the world to do and especially when you are on a time restriction, but Bridget was amazing and nailed it! #DesignerBridget


All of the designers did such a great job! The collections were very impressive.


This experience has been really wonderful for me and having been able to spend time with the kids and getting to know them made it so hard to watch the eliminations. I just want them all to win but it’s a competition…I was so happy to see Bridget win with that gorgeous red dress. CONGRATS!



I couldn’t end this recap without a little something for you! Simplicity is hosting a GIVEAWAY of Bridget’s Winning Pattern! Leave a comment here telling me what you enjoyed most about this episode and I will pick two random winners on Monday.


Thank you guys so much for always being so supportive of the sewing community and of course my blog. I can’t thank you all enough for all that you give to me with your ongoing love and encouragement.




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