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My New Online Blogging Course Is Here!

I couldn’t wait to finally launch this Lifestyle/Fashion Enthusiasts Guide To Blogging Course! I am so excited to be sharing everything I know about turning your passion into a successful blog.

It took some time but thanks to Udemy I was able to use an amazing platform to bring you this detailed course that I believe covers everything you need to start a Lifestyle or Fashion blog… but honestly this information will work for ANY TYPE OF BLOG.

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This course will teach you how to start, brand, and monetize a lifestyle or fashion blog. You will be equipped with everything you need to be a successful social media influencer.

You’ll create an online presence that grows with your readers’ interest. Be the source in a field that you love by offering compelling content that attracts readers and brands to your site.


● Identify your readers, know what they want, and become their resource ● Generate captivating blog posts regularly ● Monetize your blog by acquiring sponsors, approaching brands, and using social media


There is an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet. Blogs are an effective way for experts or enthusiasts of a specific niche to gain an online presence and, more importantly, a following.

Once a person finds a blog that they love reading, they keep coming back for more.

It takes a specific strategy to provide the readers with what they want. A one-of-a-kind strategy and the key elements will be taught in this course, so you can be a successful blogger in the field that you love.


  1. This course will start with an overview of the course’s topics and what to expect. You’ll learn the instructor’s background, how she got started, and why she is so successful.

  2. Next you’ll learn why people choose to blog.

  3. You’ll review the most popular blogging styles and you’ll understand what readers want, so you can make an educated decision on how to set yours up and set yourself apart.

  4. You’ll learn how to choose the perfect niche–one that you love talking about. You’ll know how to pick the perfect platform, domain name, and tagline so you can attract visitors.

  5. Get the information you need to decide between hiring a web designer and doing it yourself. Learn about the key elements to a blog, including your header, sidebar, links, and the About page. These are critical to your success.

  6. Creating content comes next. You’ll know how to come up with blog posts on a regular basis so you’re never short of ideas. The importance of video will also be discussed. And you’ll know how to incorporate it into your blogging schedule so your readers get content variety.

  7. In addition, photography and images will be covered, including Do’s and Don’ts. Branding your blog is key. You’ll know how to develop a branding strategy that will win you sponsors.

  8. You’ll be able to create a one-page media kit to send to sponsors, and you’ll be confident approaching brands.

  9. Monetizing strategies will allow you to learn how to make an income. Tips on working with brands, affiliate links, and ad networks are provided.

  10. This course will wrap up by showing you how to promote your blog. You’ll learn the various ways to shine on social media so you can become the source within your niche.

  11. You’ll leave the course ready to hit the ground running. Be prepared to create the next hot blog that’s about to take off.



This course assumes no prior knowledge or special skill set but students should have an interest to develop an online presence related to fashion or lifestyle topics.


  1. This course is for anyone looking to become a professional blogger.

  2. This course is for those who have never had a blog before or for those looking to take their current blog to the next level.

  3. Men and women who are looking to be a social media influencer that brands are eager to work with will find this course to be a great resource.


  1. Over 30 lectures and 2 hours of content PLUS printable worksheets

  2. Start a lifestyle or fashion blog of their own.

  3. Students will be equipped with the knowledge of how to get started and how to turn their blog into a business through building, promoting, and monetizing their blog.

  4. Certificate of Completion

  5. Lifetime access

  6. 30 day money back guarantee!

  7. Available on iOS and Android



If you know someone who wants to be a successful blogger, start a blog or take their blog to the next level please share, pin and repost the ad below. I can’t wait to be of service to you on your journey! SIGN UP NOW!




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