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HI DARLINGS! Last month Chastidy and I had the most beautiful time filming for Hallmark’s “Put It Into Words ” Campaign. This was a fantastic experience we will both remember for years to come. Hallmark believes happiness and emotional connections are the antidotes for today’s societal tensions and I couldn’t agree more. When we care enough, we can change the world and a simple act like sending or receiving a Hallmark card – can make a big impact on people’s lives and bring some happiness.

Chastidy, as many of you know, is my oldest daughter and I am so incredibly proud of her. When I had her at 16, I had no idea what I was going to do, and unfortunately, she was along for the ride. I had a lot of up’s and downs, and sadly she was also homeless with me when I was about 18 years old. I worked as best as I could to take care of her, but I was a kid myself.

As I grew older, married, had more children Chastidy became like a second mom to her siblings. She was a great help to me, and we have always been very close because of it. I have tried to “make up” for the struggles we had together but I know it made us both very strong and very compassionate people.

Chastidy and I recently took a week-long trip to NYC and had the most wonderful time together. It was a fun mom and daughter trip that we would both cherish. When we got back I wanted to give her a card expressing how much the trip meant to me and how I hope she knows how much I love her. We have such busy schedules that sometimes we forget to stop and let our loved ones know how much they mean to us.

Lifting someone’s spirit, supporting someone in need or simply making someone’s day—unexpectedly—is as easy as sending a card.  It can have a huge impact on your relationships.

It was so nice to see how much the card meant to her and although I tell her I love her all the time there is something extra special about reading it and knowing someone took time to express their feelings. When you take the time to acknowledge someone else and put your emotions into words, you make it possible for others to feel what you feel. 

Her laugh is contagious and if I can help put a smile on her face as often as possible I am happy! Is there someone you want to surprise with a card? Maybe let them know how important they are to you?

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