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HI DARLINGS! I have been wanting to share so many of the yummy things I make for myself when I’m on a low carb kick. This is is the quickest and most delicious lunch and also a great way for me to get my good fats in.

If you haven’t watched my video on Keto vs. Paleo and what has worked for me you can watch that below. I talk about why and how and what has been the best option for me.


So first let me say that you can substitute the protein for anything else you want. You can season the chicken and cook same as I do for the shrimp (obviously chicken will take longer to cook) and it will taste just as yummy.


  1. Shrimp (or chicken)

  2. Roma Tomato

  3. Zucchini

  4. Red Onion

  5. Basil

  6. Lemon

  7. Olive Oil

I only made one serving but since you can’t really mess this up you can choose however much of any ingredient listed you want to make one or two servings.

I am seriously obsessed with practicing my knife skills since starting the culinary workshop so let’s admire my julienne onions please, lol! But seriously it makes a big difference when you have an ingredient cut in uneven dices or strips, you don’t want a chunk of onion in one bite, you know.

I then sliced a tomato and some jalapeño and added it the bowl with the onions.

I love basil so I added some basil chiffonade (that just means shredded or finely cut leaf) I roll the leaves up and then chop thinly.

Okay now you are going to add half a lime juice or more if you want and add some olive oil! Now just let it sit and marinate while you season your protein and cut your zucchini.

I used some chili powder, paprika, cayenne and some kosher salt to season my shrimp.

I made sure to pat dry my shrimp because I don’t want to add moisture to my pan, that will just create steam and won’t brown my shrimp fast enough.

I added some ghee to my hot cast iron and once the butter was hot I added my shrimp, I add it to a really hot pan because they cook quickly and I like a nice sear on my shrimp, once I get a bit of color I lower my heat and let them cook without moving them. Once they are almost cooked through I flip them to get color on the other side. Remove from pan and use all the flavor goodness to cook your zucchini.

I hate mushy veggies so I only cook my zucchini for a few minutes and since I had so much flavor in my pan from the shrimp I did not add any more salt.

Place your zucchini on the plate and then add shrimp and top with the tomato/onion mixture and drizzle with the olive oil and lime goodness in your bowl.

That’s it you guys! Just sit back and enjoy.

I love acid so I squeeze a bit more lime but that is up to you. If you make this please let me know if you enjoyed it.

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