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HI DARLINGS! Today we are going to gain control of our money…especially since so many of you are budgeting to attend my annual event in July 😉 This post is going to make not just budgeting for July amazingly easy but budgeting for your life.

When I left home as a teen I had no idea how to manage money. I didn’t know what credit was, how important it was, or how to budget myself. I unfortunately learned the hard way in my late 20’s when I found myself as a single mom trying to feed three kids and make ends meet. After feeling overwhelmed I decided I needed to learn how to make my money work for me and I haven’t looked back since. I have learned how to be financially responsible and how to manage not just our family budget but my small business budget too!

When I teamed up with YNAB (You Need A Budget) I was surprised at just how functional, easy to understand, and fun it was to use. It was just what I needed! Get three months free by clicking HERE (No credit card required)

I made it a priority to teach my kids about MONEY! I wish I had YNAB when I was learning but I am so glad that I have it now to teach my 18 year-old (who just moved out on her own…omg!) how to stay in control. I immediately downloaded the app on her phone and got busy teaching her what to do and how to do it.

When I told her I was going to teach her how to budget she gave me a side eye, LOL…the word budget just sounded so restrictive! But with YNAB it’s the exact opposite. It’s about how to do more of the things that matter most and having total control of your money.

Every time I had spent hours working up a budget the minute something unexpected happened I had to start all over! YNAB is flexible so when life changes your YNAB budget changes too.

YNAB uses 4 simple rules to help you stop living paycheck to paycheck, save more, and get out of debt.

  1. Rule #1 Give every dollar a job

  2. Rule #2 Embrace your true expenses

  3. Rule #3 Roll with the punches

  4. Rule #4 Age your money

It sounds so easy right? Well it is! Not only does YNAB do exactly what it says it does you get to try it for FREE for 3 months (No credit card required). What I found helpful to me and my daughter was the extensive amount of education YNAB provides for FREE. They have live classes and so many helpful guides that walk you through every step of setting up your budget.

Please do yourself and your family a huge favor and download

YNAB now, it will help you live differently. Let me know what you think and what you struggle with the most when it comes to your finances!




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