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HI DARLINGS! I had such a great weekend that I was sad to see it end yesterday. I took the day “sort of” off because I just felt like I needed a day to get myself together, lol. I was going to post my DIY Easter dress yesterday but after I got back from my new gym and got roped into doing a session with a trainer I literally wobbled my ass home and damn near cried, LOL! I couldn’t do anything after that.

I really need to get my body in better shape, I have gained close to 35lbs in almost two years, and there is no better way to face the changes than to be a fashion blogger who photographs every week, ha!! I just want to feel better and be in a bikini by my 42nd birthday in November.

I went to church on Sunday in my DIY Easter dress with my mom and daughter and had a wonderful time, I then went home cooked dinner, and we just enjoyed ourselves.  Also thank you so much for the love you showed my mom on the blog last week if you missed my “SEWING FOR MOM” posts you can check them out HERE.

My pictures are a bit further down.



Okay so I am obsessed with a blogger named EMILY HALLMAN, she sews the most amazing color-coordinated collections that I drool over. I have never been much of a planner when it comes to sewing cuz I just sew what I want but since following her I have been inspired to do a color collection or two.

So far I am having the best time! It so fun to sew like this. I have made 6 pieces already including my DIY Easter dress below. Here a some of the fabrics I have been using for my collection. I am so thrilled to finish my pink collection which I will recap for you all in a video after I have posted them all but if you missed THIS YOUTUBE VIDEO you can see some of the fabrics I picked in the haul and I chat a bit about my obsession with Emily, lol.



Okay, this is an old pattern, and I have been meaning to make it for so long but never really got around to it. It’s VOGUE 1102 the pattern was designed for Broadcloth, Sateen and Lightweight Linen because they hold shape well. I, of course, wanted to use a pink textured chiffon, lol so I had to make a few changes.

  1. I picked a heavier weight pebble crepe for the lining and used my chiffon as the main fabric.

  2. I interfaced the entire bodice both front and back instead of just the back pieces as instructed.

  3. I made sure to line the skirt with the same fabric so add weight although the skirt portion in the pattern is not lined.

  4. I let my hem rest overnight before doing a narrow rolled hem.

The pattern is not very hard at all and the back of it is the show stopper. The pattern comes together well and can be made from a ton of fabrics. I think I want to take the top and add pants to the bottom for a jumpsuit. The fabric has been in my stash for ages and I just couldn’t ever decide on what to make.



I wore my red bottom pink mesh shoes which are the only CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN shoes I own that I can be in all day. His shoes are very much meant for standing and sitting, not walking, LOL! juts ask Oprah. I wore simple jewlery because the dress is so bold on its own. I do plan to style it again with a nude shoe and a pale pink leather jacket I have.













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