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HI DARLINGS! I am feeling really sassy in this two-piece Bikini top and pants. The pants pattern is from our SEW IT ACADEMY exclusive patterns. The pattern is for a knit but I just cut one size bigger to make them in a woven fabric. The top is NEW LOOK #6737 from last year. This was a blast to make and I plan to make more!

As a sewing manic, I absolutely love working with linen! It has such a soft texture and beautiful drape to its durability and versatility, linen is a top choice for so many summer projects. If you're new to working with linen or simply want to learn more about this amazing fabric, keep reading!

There are so many reasons why I enjoy sewing with linen!

  • Soft texture: Linen has a soft, luxurious feel that makes it a pleasure to work with. It's also comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

  • Versatility: Linen can be used for a wide range of sewing projects, from casual clothing to more formal items like dress shirts and suits.

  • Durability: Linen is one of the most durable fabrics available, making it a smart choice for items that will get a lot of use.

  • Breathability: Linen is highly breathable, making it a great choice for summer clothing and other items that need to keep you cool and comfortable.

Overall, linen is a wonderful fabric to work with, presses easily, and adds a touch of luxury to any sewing project.


There are several types of linen available on the market, each with its own unique features and characteristics. Here are some of the most popular types:

  • Belgian linen: Known for its high quality and luxurious feel, Belgian linen is made from flax fibers that are carefully selected and spun for maximum strength and softness. This type of linen is often used for high-end clothing and home decor items.

  • Irish linen: Made from flax fibers grown in Ireland, this type of linen is known for its durability and absorbency. Irish linen is often used for tablecloths, napkins, and other household linens.

  • French linen: This type of linen is known for its crisp texture and slight sheen, giving it a more formal look. French linen is often used for dress shirts and other formal clothing.

  • Washed linen: This type of linen has been pre-washed to give it a softer, more relaxed feel. Washed linen is often used for bedding, clothing, and other items that require a comfortable, casual look.



I am working on this same new look top. Can you share your tips? Did you use the finished garment measurements, or did you have to adjust the fit of the cups?


marvine aminie
marvine aminie
May 09, 2023

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Melanie Charles
Melanie Charles
Apr 18, 2023

How do you get your waistband to lay flat?


Apr 12, 2023

Just beautiful!!


Unknown member
Apr 12, 2023

Love the look


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