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Instagram Recap

Hi Darlings,

TGIF! Okay, so first let me start by apologizing. If you watched my free tutorial yesterday you may have noticed that at the end of it I did not not do my signature “peace” sign…..well….lol it turns out that with over 1.9 million page views and over 900K followers on social media combined only ONE PERSON finally shared with me that the peace sign in the UK is offensive! Oh my! we laughed about it, and she was so great but I did not realize that. I have a large following in the UK so I felt horrible that in essence I was giving them the finger at the end of my videos *insert horrified look on my face here* So, I apologize for my lack of knowledge and thanks for overlooking it for so long, LOL. I love you all!

Ok……so,  I am off to run errands and then to pick up my son from school (early day) so I am leaving ya’ll who don’t follow me on IG with a recap. I post a lot more personal pics, family shots and randomness on my IG so here is a bit of all that from the last two weeks (in no specific order)

If you have not gone to watch “Chef” yet make it a priority. I loved this movie so much that I am going to go watch it again. It had all the things that I love…humor, love, touching moments, food and Jon Favreau, LOL. Don’t you just love him!

We went to Santa Barbara for Mothers Day and had a wonderful time. Dinner was amazing and right on the water.

Mothers Day brunch at the Four Seasons was delicious! can you tell?

We wandered over to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Had a great time and even had the chance to feed a giraffe!

Okay, can we just talk about how long and slimy his tongue was? OMG, I was scared at first but then when he stuck that thing out at me, rolled the lettuce up in his tongue and then sorta smiled at me I was sold. It was fun…a little slobbery…but fun.

Last weekend we went to Six Flags and wore those kids OUT! they all fell asleep in the car on the way back home. It was so much fun to watch how fearless my kids are and how big a chicken I am, LOL! can you tell my little man is ham?

God has blessed me so much. I am so thankful.

What Instagram be without some #selfies? These sunnies are from Charming Charlie but I also saw them at Forever 21.

I love my bed. I love sleeping.

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