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How To Stay Out Of The Kitchen During The Holidays

HI DARLINGS! I don’t know about you, but I’m beat and the holidays are not over, lol. It seems every year we get busier and busier. I know for me running our businesses and household sometimes has me laid out at the end of the day. Thanks to UberEATS I can check off one thing from my list…COOKING!

UberEATS this season and boy am I thankful. If you don’t already know UberEATS is like Uber for your food, it is fast and has over 100 local restaurants. I think what took the longest was getting the kids to agree on what to order.


UberEATS is super convenient, I downloaded the app, searched through all the restaurants listed and then begged the kids to decide on something, lol. We finally picked Philly Cheesesteaks which let’s just say was a cheesy deliciousness. I really appreciate how fast UberEATS is compared to other food delivery services I have used. The average order with UberEATS takes 35 minutes from start to finish.


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