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HI DARLINGS! you ever get home with the kids and they sit down to do homework and next thing you know they are asleep at the dining table? Yeah well that was happening often around here so I decided I would use the same sleep habits I am learning from my collaboration with Sleep Number® on the kids.

Ever since I started focusing on better sleep I have been obsessive about learning how sleep affects our entire life so I made it a priority to ensure my family was getting the rest they needed…. I even have talked my friend’s ears off about it.

The differences in how our daily life functions is dramatically different when we don’t get enough sleep. I know for me if I don’t get enough sleep I get cranky mid day and crash hard around 3pm. My kids get home from school and it’s like the batteries were taken out and they fall out shortly after getting home. Problem is that those late afternoon naps threw their schedule for the night completely off.

I need them to be focused at school and for them to enjoy the day after they get their homework done so I was on a mission to regulate their sleep schedule. One of things I did immediately was start making sure that when they went to bed they really went to bed and were not under the covers trying to read or play games, lol…I have sneaky little babies sometimes.

Lights out meant lights out! I brought their bed time up by 20 minutes and started making sure I made dinner a bit earlier in the evening so that if we were going to have sweets after dinner it was well before bedtime. I didn’t want any sugar rush antics happening before showers and bedtime.

After about two weeks or so on the new schedule I started to notice a change. Instead of crawling out of bed in the mornings they were more awake and it took me less time to get them going. I also noticed a lot more healthy energy after they got home from school.

I have had my 

Sleep Number® i8 for about two months now and I love it! It’s funny how much we think we know until you are looking at facts. I use to think that I liked a soft mattress but after sleeping on my Sleep Number®  i8 I noticed that I got better sleep when I had my mattress much firmer. The other really interesting thing I noticed is how restless I became around 3am.

Now that I have found my correct Sleep Number® setting I see very little restlessness throughout the night. Waking up and checking my SleepIQ score became a fun game, LOL! Every night I tried to beat my previous score. I sleep great now!


Now we try to make sure there is some fun playtime scheduled into the day (after homework of course) so that they get all worn out for a good night’s sleep! You may want to try some of these tips and please let me know if they help you.

To learn more sleep tips for kids make sure to visit the Sleep Number® blog HERE


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