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How I Plan to Sleep Better and Get Healthy!

Hi Darlings! I am really excited to share this post today because as you know anytime I learn something new, have good information or something just sparks my interest I have to share.

Over the last year my body has gone through some serious changes due to my work schedule, my travel, my eating habits, lack of sleep and all of it has started affecting my health. I noticed that I get the least amount of rest when I travel because I am in a strange environment or I am catching up on work that I put aside when I am at home so I stay up late and I eat the worst when I am out of town too! Part of my journey to better over all health and wellness is to change all of the things in my life that I feel will greatly improve how I feel daily.   This is included a trip to my local SLEEP NUMBER® store.

I came across an article that stated we sleep for approximately 26 years over our lifetime!! That is a lot of time so it made complete sense to me that the time we spend resting our bodies should be a priority.

 In the video below I talk about what I have been experiencing, changes I am currently making to improve my health. When I partnered with SLEEP NUMBER® I had the opportunity to learn how sleeping on a proper mattress can change your life, what the benefits are and why it’s so important. So watch the video and then keep reading.

I often find myself being cold as soon as I get in bed and covering up but I always wake up hot and sweaty, my mattress would become a hot spring, lol! After visiting the SLEEP NUMBER® store I was so excited to find out about the DualTemp™ layer; which is a temperature balancing layer that can be added to the bed. It features active air technology that heats or cools each side of the bed so you can select your temperature with a touch of a button. Making this perfect for couples that have different body temperatures.


The other thing I learned during my visit was how important it was that I choose a mattress based not just on comfort but on support. Honestly every time I bought a mattress I based it on how “comfy” it felt when I laid on it at the store not realizing that although comfortable when I lay on it, after 8 hours of sleep, if there is no support in the specific pressure points on my body I am not getting the rest I am suppose to.


I also learned that I sleep in the worst position possible, LOL! I sleep on my stomach when in fact I should start training my body to sleep on my side or back so I can keep my chest and heart free from any pressure. I also learned that my pillows at home pretty much suck after trying out the pillows at the SLEEP NUMBER® store! I made that change asap.


Having the ability to select the perfect setting for your body without having to compromise with your significant other is amazing. You both get exactly what your body needs. I see why the SLEEP NUMBER® bed was named best bed for couples by a leading consumer magazine.


Before leaving the store I had to find out what my Sleep Number setting was so I took the test… It was amazing to be able to visually see in the screen that is above you while you lay just where the pressure points in my body were. It lit up in the areas that I was lacking support and as the sales rep adjusted my Sleep Number setting I could see the pressure points disappear! It truly is amazing and worth every penny.


Before I leave you I MUST tell you about my new obsession. This is the x12 bed and when they say probably the best bed in the world they are probably right! The SleepIQ® technology on this bed lets you know exactly how you slept…yes you read that right. After sleeping all night you wake up to a full list of how well you slept, how your body responded during the night, if you reached you REM sleep and so much more so you can make adjustments as you need them.

The truly awesome thing about this mattress (aside from the other 50 amazing things) is that the mattress gives you a massage! I laid in that bed getting a massage on my side while the other side of the bed was completely still. I don’t think I would ever leave the bed, ha!

The SleepIQ® technology couldn’t be easier to use. Nothing to wear, nothing to turn on…all you have to do is sleep and the sensors work directly with the DualAir™ technology inside the Sleep Number bed to measure average breathing rate, average heart rate, movement and bed presence to show you the quality of your sleep.

If you are able to visit your local store I would suggest you jump in your car right now and go experience the SLEEP NUMBER® difference. My Sleep Number setting is 40…What’s yours? Stay tuned next week when I share my nutrition and workout changes.


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