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HELLO DARLINGS! You guys loved seeing my studio re-do so I thought I would start showing other rooms in the house as I get them finished. Since buying our Georgia home I have had a great time remodeling, decorating, and making this beautiful house our home.

I have said this before but if I had not become a sewing DIY queen lol I probably would have been an interior decorator, it is my second favorite thing to do next to sewing…or a chef, lol I love to cook too.

When I came to see the house I knew the first thing I was going to do was remove all the carpeting. Our bedroom had a carpet and so did the living room, and my husband’s office on the first level. Some people prefer to have houses empty when they go to view them because for many it is hard to see beyond the current owner’s decor, it can throw off your ability to see the potential in the room. I can always look at a room the same way I look at a sewing pattern, I look at the lines.


Here a few pics of the bedroom when we came to view the house. The first thing I knew we would do was take up the carpet. The other thing I had to remember when looking at the space was how my style and decor would work in the space vs the style and decor I was looking at. There was nothing wrong with the room, it was just not our style so I needed to remind hubby of that as we were walking through the house so he could just focus not he size and lines of each room.


I love color! BUT in my bedroom, I prefer a neutral calming feel. I also like to change certain things several times a year, like my bedspreads or drapes so if the bulk of the room is in a neutral palette I can easily switch things out according to the seasons.

I also love photos and plants! I have several plants in each room, most of them are real although I do mix faux plants in with my real ones to liven a space that I know is not going to get sufficient light for my live plants to live and flourish. It is a great mix and I will even place real soil in the planter of my faux plants to give them a more “real” feel.

I hope you enjoy a look into our “sanctuary”, I put some quick notes in captions below some images.

I use mirrors in my home a lot, it helps to expand your space.

The pictures of our wedding above our bed make me smile.

Changing the legs of a furniture piece you may already have can do wonders for elevating it and adding a bit more glam.


This mirror is from Home Goods and I love it! The plant stand is from Target

Aside from plants and traditional artwork, I love to add texture to the walls.

Big furniture is always a great idea for making a space feel comfy and cozy!

Don’t be afraid to add some fun! this carpet is one of my favorite pieces. I got it at Wayfair.

Find small ways to use prints and patterns that work within your pallette.

The entryway to the room

My show room 😉

Add shelving! I add alot of shelving to my rooms, it just gives you the ability to add decor without it juts being hung on the wall.

My room needs to feel like a five start hotel, it needs to make me feel warm and relaxed when I walk in. Don’t be afraid to use color if that is your jam but be aware of colors that may work against you when you are trying to wind down and relax. I like to use prints and interest in things like my area rugs and planters and even in my wall art while still keeping the overall feel of the room neutral and calming.

Fell free to leave me any questions in the comments, I am happy to share where I got my furniture or decor.

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Grace Lee
Grace Lee
22 de abr.

Home remodeling offers the opportunity to transform spaces into personalized sanctuaries, reflecting individual tastes and preferences. From removing carpeting to incorporating neutral palettes and natural elements like plants, each decision contributes to creating a harmonious environment. As you embark on your remodeling journey, consider how real estate plays a role in shaping not just living spaces but lifestyles. For inspiration and practical advice, visit Emirates Estate to explore a wealth of information on real estate services tailored to your needs.


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