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HI DARLINGS! I am so excited to share this before and after of my sewing studio and office. I am not sure how many of you know that earlier this year I relocated to Georgia. I had been spending a lot of time on the east coast because so much of my business dealings had me traveling back and forth so when I decided to buy a new home I knew I wanted to do that in Atlanta, my husbands family is here and I do a ton of business in here so it just made sense. This all happen as the pandemic was revving up and we are all so glad we managed to get moved and settled before it got really bad.

Needless to say, I have been in Georgia and settled in since April and I LOVE IT SO MUCH!! We have a beautiful lake behind the house and so much space. The kids and buttons have a huge yard which we never really had in LA. I have already done a lot of changes to the house like ripping up the carpet and putting in hardwood floors because I do not do carpet. I will share more of the house soon but today we are talking about my studio and office!

Here is a look at my office before we refreshed it!

So when I started replacing the carpet with hardwood floors we started on the first level of the house, the living room, our bedroom, and the hubby’s office all had carpet. Then after that was done we waited a few weeks and replaced the carpet upstairs too.

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  1. Carpet shrinks your room! After we took it out and put the floors in it felt like my studio was twice the size, lol!

  2. That’s not always the case because you can also use carpets with color and print to expand your room BUT in many cases, the carpet can almost dull your room and create an enclosed feeling which is what happened in my space.

  3. Using color can make a room feel vibrant and happy and that can give the appearance of a larger space.

  4. Using mirrors in clever ways can also expand your space, you will see a lot of that when I start sharing the other rooms in my home.

This is the room after the floors went in.

I decided before putting all the furniture back in my studio that I wanted to add color! I love color and I have never been afraid to use it but for me, it really depends on where I use the color. For example, the rest of the house has a lot more neutrals and darker color schemes but my office has to evoke a sense of creativity when I walk into it. It needs to brighten me up immediately!


I knew I wanted to use colors from my branding. I have used these colors and variations of these colors on and off in my online presence for years. I didn’t just want to paint the entire wall one color so I took to PINTEREST for some inspiration. I decided after looking at a ton of walls that I would create a geometric feel and the taping idea began.

Once I decided on the line placement and started taking down my shelving and taping up the sections.


  1. If using a bright color like the bubble gum pink I picked try to balance that wall with furniture. For example, the coral and lavender are bright but softer on the eyes. The pink is bold and bright and unapologetic so I decided to use pink as the much larger section on the wall the my white shelving, desk and bookcase would be. This allowed for much of the color to be seen without it being too much visually. You can see that further down the post.

  2. On the wall that has less furniture choose a color that is a bit more calming like the lavender which was used as the much larger section on wall #2

  3. Make sure the colors you choose are ones you love. I have navy on my walls in the living and dining rooms, navy is a neutral color for me, it whirls with a lot and I know I won’t tire of it. These colors are part of me and so I can confidently use them without fear of being over it six months from now.

  4. Play with color combinations, free paint chips at your local hardware store are an awesome tool, grab some and see what combos you are down to.


I have seen a lot of walls that do something similar but will use a white taped line to break up the color and I knew I did not want that. I wanted the colors to come up against each other which required painting a section at a time and allowing it to dry enough to remove the tape and place it over the color that was just painted.

Once the walls were painted and had time to dry I started bringing in my furniture.





The lavender wall is where I have to main cabinets, one holds the tools I needed closest to my cutting table like scissors, rotary cutters, and pressing tools. I love baskets! I use them all over my home, they add such a cool vibe to any room. These are from HOME GOODS and were purchased at different times. The four on top I have had for years. The baskets underneath are new. They hold linings, scraps, interfacings, fleece, etc. The cabinet itself is from HOME GOODS as well.

The other white cabinet on this wall holds part of my fabric stash. It also holds my printer and sometimes stacks of PDFs. I got this piece from IKEA. My sewing machine tables and chairs are also from IKEA.


Here is the room is all done up and ready for some work to get done. As you can see the pink wall is balanced by white furniture and greenery. The lavender wall which has a lot less furniture is softer.

The TABLE is a butcher block counter from IKEA that I purchased and added adjustable legs (also from IKEA) so it can come up higher and I don’t have to bend at all to cut.

I have a huge space to work so I am able to have this 41.5″ x 72″ TABLE in the center of the room. I have enough space to add a second table but I like the space as it is right now. That BILLY BOOKCASE with glass doOrs is also from IKEA

The white floating shelves were purchased from BED BATH AND BEYOND. I am happy to answer any questions on anything I may have left out so just leave it in the comments.



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