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Goodwin Home Makeover: Our Bedroom

Hi Darlings, I finally finished our bedroom and it is GORGEOUS! I can’t tell you how important it is to have a bedroom that feels like a getaway. It took us sometime to get the room together because it’s the room we go to at the end of the day when the house is quiet and you can relax and reflect on the day. We sit and talk, catch up on missed television shows and plan the next day.

The first thing we did was get a new bed. Since our new bedroom is so big the old queen size bed was not going to cut it! As soon as we saw this bedroom set we knew we had to have it. The bed was just so beautiful and a definite centerpiece to our room. The size of the bed posts alone are elegant and captivating and of course going from a queen bed to a king meant a new mattress!!! The mattress is the number one most important thing in your bedroom. The mattress is key to how restful you are the next day, and having a bad mattress is the worst thing you can do for your body.

When we went mattress hunting we laid on them, bounced on them, rolled around a bit and most importantly made sure it was comfortable to both me and the hubby. After checking out several different brands and types we chose the ComfortPedic iQ from Beautyrest. Let me tell you about this life changing mattress! First of all it’s beyond comfortable and dreamy to sleep on but it’s the first and only Ultra Cool™ Memory Foam mattress with patented Smart Response™ Technology. One of the things I disliked most about the mattresses we have owned in the past is how hot I would get while I was sleeping, like the mattress didn’t breathe so when we saw that the ComfortPedic iQ memory foam helped regulate temperature so that I stayed cool during the night I was sold. The other selling point for us was the smart response memory foam; we didn’t fully get how great it was until we slept in it for a few weeks and noticed that the memory foam reacts and responded to our individual body movements. I also really enjoy not feeling the hubby when he gets out of bed now.

Once we had our bed and mattress it was time for decorating! We pieced together our furniture from several different places and really tried to make it as close to a 5 star hotel experience as possible. The bedding is a mixture of Bed, bath and Beyond and Target. The big purple pillow I have had for several years and I am so happy I held on to it. The chairs and accents in from of the bed added a great touch to the room.



The sitting area of our room is one our favorite places. We work on our computers, watch TV, sit and chat and just relax with each other. It is such a welcoming space for us. The sofa and love seat were in our living room at the townhouse in LA and now they are perfect in this space. The chevron rug and some of the accents were also from our previous home.


This possibly my favorite piece in this room aside from our bed. This mirrored end table is beautiful! It is so delicate. I love how it adds such an elegant touch to the corner. I snagged this baby up on Joss and Main and I wish they had the full length dresser because I would have bought it immediately. I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our room, now I am going to go take a nap on my amazing mattress!


*This post was sponsored by Beautyrest and Style Coalition*



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