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HI DARLINGS! I have some awesome news for you…Remember that great online tutoring service Chegg that I was using for Imani? Well I have been so impressed that not only have we continued using the service but Imani’s friends are all using it too and Now you can get a 30-minute FREE trial to try out Chegg Tutors. Sign up HERE to receive your free trial — just in time for finals!

We have really enjoyed this service for so many reasons, like how simple it is to find a great tutor for Imani. I can browse and message tutors, schedule lessons or access a tutor on demand and even manage billing. What we love most however is how great it works for our family. We travel often so being able to log in for her lessons anywhere we can get an online is amazing.

I want Imani to enjoy her lessons so sometimes instead of sitting at home or in a hotel room when we are traveling I will take her for a walk to grab a smoothie and we log in from there. This keeps her excited about her lesson and makes her feel more at ease.

When it’s lesson time I make sure she is ready to go. She clicks ‘Enter the Lesson” and meets her tutor there. Once the lesson is over we grab a bite to eat and head back home.

The service is on demand so no scheduling is necessary unless you want to schedule it and most times she only needs help for 20-30 minutes so that is all I pay for. I love not having to pay for blocks of time that she may or may not need.

I know what my strengths are and tutoring her in certain subjects is not one of them. My most difficult subject in school was math so when she comes home with pre-algebra homework I immediately log on and find her a tutor.

We really enjoyed working with David L. he is so responsive and makes it easy for her to grasp the lesson (I on the other hand would need several lessons, LOL) David is a California Institute of Technology Graduate and majored in Physics.

The ability to access Chegg tutors that are current students or recent graduates of top-tier colleges and universities around the world is priceless!

My baby is worth every opportunity so making sure she has the help she needs when she needs it is my priority. Make sure to take full advantage off your 30-minute FREE trial to try out Chegg Tutors.

Sign up HERE to receive your free trial!

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