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3 Step Skin Care With Clinique Follow Up

Hi Darlings,so as promised I am doing follow up on my initial thoughts after using the 3 step skin care system by Clinique. I have been a fan of the product for years but had not yet tried any of their skin care products so I was excited to get my hands (but really face) on it. I am sure you noticed I have been using the Lip Pop Colors from my last post…I love them!


Before I get to the skin care I wanted to share the age defense BB Cream I have been using for the last few days. I like that it’s light weight and blends easily into my skin. The shade is good for now but I start to lighten up a bit during the winter months so I may need to change shades soon or blend it.


Okay so first let me tell you about my favorite product…The Clarifying Lotion (a toner) It is so cooling and after I wash my face and use this I can still see it pulling dirt from my face…sheesh! I have tried other toners and for the most part I have had a good experience but sometimes they leave my face feeling dry. This one does not make my skin feel tight or dry after using it. I look forward to this step every morning and every night.


So after I was my face with the liquid facial soap, I use my clarifying lotion and let my face air dry. I like that liquid facial soap because it’s pretty gentle on my skin. I have noticed in the last two weeks that my face has become less oily in my trouble areas. I always tend to get oily in my chin and nostrils but since starting this system I have had a lot less of it.


The moisturizing lotion is light and goes on eaisly but for me its not enough by itself. My skin needs moisture and although I do love that it has SPF I also follow up with my super defense cream…now that baby is like magic in a jar! the two together really keep my face feeling plump and soft. I am excited to see what else I start to notice with longer use. Have you guys tried any Clinique products you love? I would love to know!


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