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Work It Wednesday! Recipe Sharing + Gifting!

Hi Darlings!

So how did you guys do with the pre-shower workout? I hope some of you found it easy to fit in your schedules. This week I will share another great one I found on pinterest and also a new recipe but I mostly wanted to share my thoughts on TurboFire after another week.

TURBOFIRE…..Okay so YES TurboFire will get you sweaty and worked out for sure! It does everything it says it will and more if you follow it completely, I am sure. It is high energy and very hard for those who have bad knees and or other limiting factors but you can ADJUST and make it work for you. After three weeks I will say that if you enjoy dancing and aerobic this will be great for you.

Here is my own personal thoughts on why I won’t be continuing, lol I guess I have come to realize that I mostly enjoy non-dancing workouts except for Zumba and I will explain why. I was a dancer for years in both latin and ballroom, and as a teenager I was really into hip hop. Music and dance is, and always has been, a huge part of my life. I have music playing ALL THE TIME. I walk about my day with a personal soundtrack to my life, lol and so because music and dance is so dear to me it is hard to get motivated to dance based workouts because the music is usually not my kind of music, and so the energy just won’t be there for me.

When I listen to music it changes dramatically how I am feeling. Most times if you see me while driving you would probably laugh because I have some serious dance parties going on in my car, especially if I am stuck in traffic. So because of that it is hard for me to get into a dance workout when the song playing is something like ” Play that funky music white boy”or Kool & The Gang: Get down on it (both songs I like) just not for this, it just throws me off.

The thing is this workout has the best music of all the other ones I have tried and I will say that she did take a lot of time to put this together and there are some songs that come on and I am all like “Hey that is my song” LOL and I am high energy for that 3 minutes and then another song will come on and I am like “um no” and energy is lost again.

So that is just MY own issues with staying fully motivated the entire workout. Now Zumba I love but I am a little bias because it is mostly latin based and so I can always dance to salsa, merengue, cumbias etc. it’s the puertorican in me, I can’t help it lol


Okay so because I will not be using it any longer I am going to gift it to someone, if you want to give it a try leave a comment here on the blog and I will pick a winner next week.


OMG! so the hardest thing for me is not eating bad carbs, LOL I love bread and potatoes so I am always n the hunt for recipes that incorporate good carbs and good taste! This is one of those recipes. I did make it a little more waistline friendly with a few changes like using low-fat sour cream and buying the lowest calorie corn tortilla I can find. You can find the recipe HERE and make sure to tell me if you have tried any other from the William-Sonoma site. This is also great when you are trying to avoid eating meat with every meal #meatlessmonday

I also came across THIS list of recipes that are quick and easy for wraps and sandwiches in an issue of Fitness Magazine


So I enjoy trying out workout videos, for me it is a sickness, LOL I love the newness of them and some I can use over and over again and are truly my go to workouts like “Slim & Six” and “10 Minute Trainer” so I am going to add a new one next month to try and report back to you guys. I think I am going to give T25 a try.

This week the workout is simple, you ready? go for a walk, run, jog everyday for 5 days. Just 20-30 minutes is all you need to help you get started if you are feeling a little unmotivated or discouraged. Start slow and remember it is NOT how you start but how you FINISH!

Someone asked me what Sumo Squats were from last weeks post so here is a video to help you. Also you can do this holding a large bottle of water or nothing at all to start with.

Visit Body by Manheimer on youtube for more helpful videos



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