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Work It Wednesday! Fitness Tip & Recipe Sharing

Hi Darlings!

I hope you guys have had a great week so far. I have been a busy bee to say the least but I did manage to stay on track with my eating. How did you guys do?

Today I am going to share a yummy recipe I found on pinterest last week and just used a different ingredient to cut of some of the calories. The recipe is for a pock chop rub (you can use it on chicken, steak fish) that EVERYONE in the house loved, even my 6 year old. The recipe calls for brown sugar but since I need to be watchful of what I am eating especially my sugar intake I replaced the brown sugar with Splenda brown sugar and it was amazing.

The recipe comes from and the site owner is Beth. I love his site, not only because she has great recipes but because she shows you the price of the meal and then the price per serving. When you have a big family these are things you need to know right? You can see the recipe HERE and she even shows step by step pics 😉

This is the plate before I swallowed it whole, lol! I could have done without the mash but I only had a bit of it and it was SO GOOD!

Okay now…..TurboFire!

That woman is insane and I have no idea where she gets all that energy! lol The first day back on a work out was rough but it is fun and energetic so I will report back in another two weeks to give you my FULL thoughts on the program. The meal plan seems pretty easy to follow if you want to do it, but I pretty much stick to balancing my meals with as many clean meals as possible; for example last night we had grilled salmon, salad and green veggies, for breakfast I had plain oatmeal and some grapefruit and then lunch I had a weight watchers frozen dinner. But! what I do swear by and will talk more about in next weeks Work It post, is weight watchers and how I use it to work with my busy schedule.

Quick but not easy…

Before jumping in the shower I want you to do this quick workout for one week, can you do it? No special equipment, no need for mats or moving furniture. Just do it right before you go into the shower in the morning or evening.



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