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Work It Wednesday! + F21 Look

Hi Darlings

Okay so this past week and most of the week before has been a roller coaster so I won’t lie and say that I have even begin T25 lol, I opened it and read the start up guide and meal plans but that was it. I plan to start on Monday so you will have an update soon.

Can we also talk about the fact that when I am approaching my cycle (TMI, I know) I become insatiably hungry! does this happen to you guys? it is so bizarre but I feel hungry all the time and no matter what I eat I am still hungry, lol.

I have however been running so much that I have been eating really bad, meaning only one meal a day if that and so I by accident have lost 7lbs but not in a good way so they will be back, I am sure, if I don’t get my butt in gear. How are you guys doing?

I have a new recipe I plan to try this week which you can check out HERE, I will let you know how it tastes next Wednesday.

Now I usually don’t post a OOTD on WIW (Work it Wednesdays) but I love this little $19 dress from F21 that I wanted to share it (I found it in store but there is a similar one HERE). The shoes are from Jessica Simpson (old) and the jacket is also from F21 (similar one HERE)



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