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HI DARLINGS! Happy New Year. I am so thrilled to get back to blogging and sharing so I am kicking off the year with a recap of SEW IT ACADEMY for those who follow me for fashion but are looking to learn how to sew which is how most of my followers began at one point. Learning to sew is not hard and it’s not a skill you need to be born with.

Too many people’s surprise I was actually not very good at sewing when I started. It took me time to learn to sew and even longer to fit my body. I even gave up after a while and started making things I didn’t need to fit to my body like handbags and crafts. Eventually, I wanted to make clothes badly enough that I stick with it and through trial and error I finally started getting the hang of it. Here is the difference between you and me, I did not have a Mimi G to teach me, no one to guide me and YOUTUBE was not even a thing.

That is why I created SEW IT ACADEMY. I wanted people to have a place to go where they could learn to sew without ever having had any experience and I wanted it to be affordable. I wanted to make sure that I could provide a curriculum that any fashion design school offered but for the cost of two lattes a month. It hasn’t been easy but we have successfully taught tens of thousands of students and counting.

I also created a FREE TRIAL that does NOT require a credit card to try. I want you to see for yourself how I teach and what you can expect and if you choose to sign up after that then it’s on you to click the link and enroll. There is also a link to EXPLORE the courses you gain access to as a member.

Here is some info you may be wondering about…

Table of Contents


SEWITACADEMY.COM is for everyone. It is designed for beginners who have no experience to help guide them in a more structured way, allowing for learning to be fun and takes the frustration of guessing what to do next. HOWEVER we also have so many courses for intermediate and advanced sewists too, even tho we strongly suggest you follow the courses in order you are able to jump around tot he courses of interest if you are not a newbie.

We also have a great RESOURCES area with links to fabric shops, tools, notions, machine recommendations and a lot more. We also have a TECHNIQUES PAGE where we have a gallery of short intructional technique videos that you can watch when you need a refresher.


Nothing Fits

  1. Are you tall, curvy, short, slender or just find fitting ready to wear clothes a struggle?

Fashion Designer

  1. Do you want to become a designer but lack the time or money for traditional fashion schools? or Do you wish you could make your own version of high priced designer clothes?

Creative & Crafty

  1. Do you work a 9-5 and need to find a creative outlet? or Do you sew but are you looking to increase your skill level?

Frustrated Learner

  1. Have you tried learning to sew before but found it difficult or hard to follow?


  1. Quickly learn to sew by mastering the fundamentals of sewing.

  2. Work at your own pace to allow time to practice.

  3. Learn the importance of specific techniques that will allow you to increase your skill level.

  4. Break free from the traditional, boring, and outdated method of learning.

  5. Design and make clothes you want to wear!

  6. Avoid frustration and gain confidence from the moment you join.


  1. STEP-BY-STEP COURSES: Each course is designed to be concise and easy to follow.

  2. OUR METHOD: We use easy to understand terms and clear instructions to keep you interested and excited as you go through each course.

  3. COURSE GUIDE: Each course is designed to build on the skills learned in the previous course.

  4. AUTO RESUME: Log in and get right back to where you left off.

  5. OUR FOUNDER: Mimi G has taught tens of thousands of people to sew and has built a recognized and respected brand. She is most known for her ability to teach anyone.

  6. INCLUSION: With over 54 womenswear courses and 35 menswear new courses added monthly we offer something for students at each skill level.


  1. It’s the world’s best and only online sewing and design school focused on teaching anyone to sew at their own pace for an affordable price!

  2. It’s jammed packed with clear and easy to understand step-by-step video courses for womenswear, menswear, and children.

  3. You’ll learn sewing, pattern making, draping, fitting, sketching, and so much more!

  4. Plus you’ll have access to our private Facebook group where you will meet thousands of other students who are supportive, encouraging and all working at different levels of the academy.



I have a ton of free resources here on the blog under FREE TUTORIALS and also on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Take a look around!



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