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Vogue 7975 Couture Progress

Hi Dolls!

Geez sometimes when I take on projects that I know are time consuming I get started and half way through I question why I took it on, LOL but it is always worth it.

I am in love with my fabric, it is so gorgeous and this pic does it no justice. I went out looking for a matching trim for this “Chanel” style jacket but I just couldn’t find one so now I have added more work for myself because I have to make the trim by taking apart the fibers and creating some braiding.

Here are some pics of what I have done so far, I cut the fabric and lining pieces together so I laid my fabric down and then laid my lining over it and cut out the pieces one at a time. I also interfaced them because the weave in my fabric was REALLY loose and even with the lining quilted and working as the interfacing it still wasn’t enough. The good thing to interfacing my pieces it that it helps with fraying.

Once I interfaced every piece and quilted the lining on to the jacket pieces I started to machine sew the fashion fabric seams and hand sewing my lining pieces together at the seams (that is why you see all those pins)

I have one sleeve fully done and just need to do the other one, hand sew the pockets on to the jacket (they are just pinned right now) and then I will hand sew the front, hem and neck edges; then I can start making my trim, wish me luck.

Fabric purchased HERE

I need a few more days to get back to this one, lol sometimes you gotta let simmer for a day or two.


Mimi G



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